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11/9 c83 ScorchMainKing
11/8 c83 fictionelement777
I don't like cliffhangers.
11/8 c83 Neon1311
Kei can take her out. She just has to call out to that woman and not wear her visor. That would work on pretty much anyone, but I doubt that's what you are refering to. Despite it being very likely to work, it would put a kid at risk and I don't think Izuku would do that.
11/8 c83 Konkeranto
Is she just an airhead that thinks this is the job interview?
11/8 c83 5Joanne Frances Tiano Cajilig
Man I really want to know what is happening and yes those kids are stronger than they look and Izuku has to update the security and test in stronger opponents..
11/8 c83 50acosta perez jose ramiro
Cool chapter, again.

Yeah, if things go this badly, the best option is to sic the kids on the intruder; after all, Izuku has a gorgon child at hand.

Keep the good writing.
11/8 c83 4Voidborne II
Something tells me her quirk isn't something related to cats. It's just a byproduct of quirk-induced genetics like how Tokoyami ended up with a bird head despite it not being an effect of having Dark Shadow, Ashido has horns and black scleras despite the fact that her acid only affects her skin pigment, Juzo Honenuki has exposed teeth even though it doesn't correlate to Softening (his quirk), Togaru Kamakiri having a praying mantis-like head and pale yellow-green skin (how do those relate his quirk, Razor Sharp?), and more. My guess is that she has a quirk that allows her to have a literal superhuman body or something similar.
11/8 c82 ThFlash
I mean, San San obviously solos no diff. But if this is the extent of what Izuku can expect from the Grimm defense, then he should probably go ahead and take his death from someone who will probably make it quick and relatively painless.

Of course, I don't think she's actually there to kill him. In fact, I'm guessing that she is going to become an ally, but there are much better ways to show her strength than having her fodderize the main defense force on a whim. She's fast enough to make it close to the house and trigger higher level defenses without having to fight every Grimm variant on the way. Izuku would see that and only send out Grimm that are good matchup for her that she can't run away from. Those matchups would be a much more realistic chance to show off her strength.

Seriously, she's way too small to be able pry off the sea feilong's mask, regardless of strength. Plus, the only way her claws are gonna penetrate far enough to do any damage at all is if they're at least 7ft long.
Why didn't the Hound use its flame breath on her when it had her trapped by the arm? It worked on Kamakiri when he was in the exact same position, so the Hound has no reason to use an attack that she can just bat away.
The Nuckelavee's screech was obviously super effective, so why didn't it ever use it past its arrival to the fight?

I guess my real gripe is that it's super obvious she has plot armor. Many of her matchups realistically should have been closer or outright losses. Especially since she's got no real time to rest in between fights.
11/8 c83 Solitary Heart
Feed me moreeeeeeeeeee
11/8 c1 InHumanGhost
Can you give izuku a scene where he's defending his kids and is asked why. Then have him say saysIS THERE ANY MAN THAT NEEDS A REASON PROTECT HIS OWN CHILDREN?" It would be super cool and it would fit his protective nature.
11/8 c83 22Ghostbell777
Next chapter, San San vs. the feline girl.
11/8 c83 3Cor Aurum
probably wants kai to stomp her, really looking forward to see what this woman wants.
11/8 c83 PasiveNox
great chapter great great
11/8 c83 Harleking31


About to be absolutely kicked the shit out of by the kids she's going to serve
11/8 c83 wildarms13
awesome fights!
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