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for Recovery: The Silent Enemy

8/11 c36 17DS2010
Loved the end - hot stuff
8/11 c37 DS2010
Now that was an unexpected guest at the end. Well done
Can't wait for the next story
8/9 c35 DS2010
Always love how Grace gets Gibbs to open up
8/8 c34 DS2010
So glad Loreile called Dr. Grace
8/7 c33 DS2010
loved the email to Phineas
8/5 c32 DS2010
Looks like the Mexican's are still on the loose.
Poor Gibbs and his knee
8/4 c31 DS2010
Damn they really are out to get Gibbs. Glad he spotted the tail and Elle was able to give a description of the men asking after Gibbs.
8/3 c30 DS2010
At least Tobias is in one piece.
8/2 c29 DS2010
After effects of sex hunger!
Poor Tobias hope he is okay
7/31 c28 DS2010
Damn I knew something wasn't right about this "doctor"
7/29 c27 DS2010
Looks like the new doc is jumping in feet first.
Enjoyed the visit with Phineas at Gibbs house
7/27 c26 DS2010
Glad the FBI is involved again I have the feeling they will need the help
7/26 c25 DS2010
Loved Lorielle teasing Gibbs.
I totally get Casey and the 911 call to Vance more trouble is coming
7/25 c24 DS2010
happy Jethro is home :)
7/23 c23 DS2010
Glad the doctors are letting Jethro go home. Best thing for the nursing staff who probably don't want to deal with the bear.
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