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for The Duties of My Station

12/10/2021 c2 1FireRose.77
So she is dating Voldemort... Hm...
6/26/2021 c2 JanuaryLestrange
I would hate to see Nettie having an actual downfall. She is a little amoral, but basically taking the only opportunities available to someone with her obvious brains but low station. Maybe she falls for a clergyman, or someone who wanted to be one, who convinces her to use her powers for good.
8/21/2020 c2 Levenez
Original contribution to the challenge! Thank you
7/26/2020 c2 Jansfamily4
Very cute. I really like the idea of the two working it out so quickly! Not months later, but hours later.
Well done!
7/3/2020 c2 WinterLilyForever
I'd love to read Nettie's spectacular downfall...
6/30/2020 c2 41leavesfallingup
If Anne were to suddenly surprise the family by a secret marriage (she is of age, so elopement would not be required), then Lady Catherine and her newest sycophant would be relegated to the dowager house... this would be especially poignant if Lady Catherine had refused to spend any money on the pile and it was run-down and thread-bare.
Of course, if Phoebe took a good position at the main house with Anne, Jeanette's downfall would be complete.
6/29/2020 c2 Alena
I find myself almost liking that hustler, Nettie. My apologies, I meant Jeanette. She and Lady Catherine deserve each other.
6/29/2020 c2 crispill
It would be great to have a 3rd and final chapter about "Jeanette"'s downfall. Thank you so much.
6/28/2020 c2 Colleen S
So many people, even now, like Nettie!
6/28/2020 c1 Jansfamily4
What fun! Lizzy has to TRY to accept Darcy's proposal, but his pride will make him say no to her. Someone is making a HUGE mistake here! Darcy would LOVE her to recant her answer.
I love it!
6/28/2020 c2 Guest
I'm all for a big downfall for Nettie! Maybe the Colonel ends up as the Master of Rosings and he finds out just how manipulative she is and out she goes and even Tom Ridley gets someone much, much better and Nettie is now emptying the chamber pots at some bar! LOL
I'm just like that, I love to see a good comeuppance!
6/28/2020 c2 liysyl
Great story thanks for entering the contest.
6/28/2020 c2 8Missela
Wow! That was an odd twist to "the letter". Nettie was indeed an interesting character!
6/28/2020 c2 9HarnGin
I was terrified for a moment there that you'd have Nettie accompany the trio to London. Thank goodness you left her with Lady C!

I like this story. It was different without being too out there. Stay safe!
6/28/2020 c2 Guest
Spectacular downfall for Nettie sounds really nice, if you please ... and let Lady Catherine tumble down with her in that fascinating and satisfying fashion you seem to have a superb talent for.
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