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10/27 c18 citylily
Good to see how things are back at the SBPD. When they put Shawn's photo on the board that made the potential peril he's in so much more real.

I enjoyed the Gus and Henry interaction and Gus' thoughts "I'm not your son" hahah like that would ever stop Henry's style of guidance.

LOVE the Chief being expectedly all knowing.

That last line was a perfect segue to whatever action Shawn is about to foolishly jump into. *bounces on the edge of my seat *
10/25 c18 13shuuuliet
Ooh, first off, I love your description of Henry. He always seems not quite comfortable in his suit, but I imagine with Shawn missing, it's worse than ever. Such an apt and wonderful description of him. And even though he only has a few lines, he's so wonderfully in character. Well done.

And ahhh poor Jules! This is exactly how she would handle it, going into "cop mode", especially since Lassie isn't aware of the full situation between her and Shawn. I love Gus going to comfort her. I love whenever we get Gus and Juliet friendship moments, and these were so good. They both understand how important Shawn is to them, and it makes them work so well together.

And oh, I love the Chief knowing. I've always felt like she silently rooted for them-you can see it in some early episodes. I love that she picked up on it here, but didn't say anything until she felt the time was right.

And the last few lines are so good. Gus knows Shawn well enough to know that Shawn's Shawn-ness is exactly why they should all be worried. And yet, his Shawn-ness is why they all love him so much, why there are so many people willing to fight to find him.

Another wonderful chapter. Can't wait to see what comes next when we get back to Shawn and Dennis!
10/13 c17 citylily
First I must comment I love how effective Shawn's childish methods work. I was snickering at the eye trick.

And Shawn sure has huge cajones challenging Meek like that. Here's hoping it doesn't go as far as hurting Dennis.

Great references as always with A Beautiful Mind (but what do they want Cal to reveal exactly?), Starman, and Star Trek.

Can't wait for the next part!
10/7 c1 SugarAndIce
Another good chapter! Can't wait to see how it this turns out. I also read a couple of your other one shots (I'm in the middle of season 5 right now so I don't want to read one of your stories and spoil everything for myself :P) and they're also very pleasant to read!
10/3 c17 shuuuliet
Ooh, Dennis is back! And Cal is not an alien! Very intrigued by both of those things. I love Shawn’s trick if looking just past the teacher—the idea of Shawn doing that in school just to keep himself entertained is so funny and so in-character.

I love the movie references in here, as usual, especially “A Beautiful Mind”. And I LOVED the reference to Phsysics, haha.

“I thought my weakness was delicious flavor. And bunnies. And Juliet.” Oh, I love that. Such a simple reminder of how she’s never far from Shawn’s mind.

Once again, I love this story! So excited for more!
9/28 c16 24Gingeraffealene
Of course, there was always going to be a way that Shawn would derail Gus’ speech, even if it was by being ‘not there’. Love it!
You capture those guys so incredibly well!
9/26 c16 SugarAndIce
This is so good! Intriguing and captivating! I can't wait for more chapters! Keep up the good work!
9/23 c16 citylily
LOL great part. Ah Gus' Shawn paradox- when he needs space Shawn doesn't give him that, but when he actually does then Gus is equally preoccupied with what's going on with Shawn.

You did well with the characterizations of those working at Central Coast.
Still can't stand Ogletree. Am amused at Haverstrom's expense. And since this is technically a prequel to Office Space, Gus handing his speech to him suggests Gus would have gotten that job!

LOVE the interaction with Sally. Such a shame they killed him off in the show, would have liked to see more of him.

So we're all primed for a Gus and Jules led rescue! *bouncing excitedly in seat *
9/22 c16 13shuuuliet
I love that you got a reference to Gus' love for buttery goodness in there. And now I want quiche...But also, this feels so real to Shawn and Gus' relationship. Whenever Gus has to abandon Shawn for his real job, he always ends up feeling guilty about it and missing his friend. I love that he needed Shawn's encouragement here. I only wish he could have gotten it...

Gus' observations about Shawn and Juliet are so sweet, too. I love seeing that relationship through his eyes-since he knows Shawn better than anyone, he knew how long Shawn had been waiting for it, and he is the one that would have been the first to notice the subtle changes in him.

Oh, my gosh! Gus walking out on the speech? I love that, it's exactly what he would do if he knew Shawn was really in danger. I know I keep saying this, but you really have written their relationship so well. Everything has felt so true to what we've seen of their friendship.

And now, I'm all caught up, but I'm so sad about it because I don't want to wait to find out what happens next! I can't wait to see Gus team up with Lassiter and Juliet, and to figure out what Shawn finds behind the door of the ship. I really hope we get back to Dennis and Cal, too, I'm so intrigued by them! This is such a wonderful story and piece of writing! It has been so much fun to read! The adventure is perfect, and the relationships between all the characters are wonderful and spot-on. I love your original characters, too! They fit so seamlessly in with the crew we already know and love! :)

I cannot WAIT to see what's next!
9/22 c15 shuuuliet
"Oh, Jules." made my heart ache, even though I knew Shawn had to be okay for the story to continue. I love these little moments of him thinking about her so much.

The line about boxers/tighty whities...oh, Shawn. That's so how he would respond in this moment. And Marcus' reaction to it made me laugh. Of course Shawn had to gloat a little at that!

I love that Shawn has Gus' voice in his head-that seems so true to what we know of Shawn and of their relationship. He needs Gus to steady him in moments like this one.

Aah, what's behind the door? You can't leave me hanging like this, I have to know! Ooh, I can't wait to find out what Shawn sees-although I imagine I'll have to wait for chapter 17 to do that, but I'm already impatient!
9/22 c14 shuuuliet
Okay, I love the first line being from "The Road to El Dorado". That movie is definitely under-appreciated, so I'm so happy to see it referenced here.

The opening paragraphs are so sweet. I love Juliet thinknig about Shawn as she sneaks around the station and how it doesn't feel right without him. I also loved the reference to "Shawn Takes a Shot in the Dark", which is one of my all-time favorite episodes.

Oh, man. Okay, first of all, I am so happy to see Lassiter in the story! And even from just his first two lines, you have him exactly right. I could hear them in his voice in my head, that's how right his dialogue felt. I admire so much how well you know and write each of these characters! Not one of them has felt out-of-character, even for a second! It is so much fun to read such good writing with such excellent characterization. And aww, I love Lassiter telling Juliet her instincts are usually good. He's right, but I love every moment of sweetness between them, like the way he senses she's more upset than she wants to let on and moves closer to her. I love him looking out for her like that.

Oh my gosh, Shawn using Morse code with his eyes is brilliant! Of course Henry would have taught him that, and I love how attuned Juliet is to him and how easily she picked up on it. What a cool twist!
9/22 c13 shuuuliet
I really liked the way you opened with Shawn's self-reflection. I really do think he's braver than he thinks, and he always takes risks for people he cares about, even though he knows they aren't always going to pay off. It's a nice little "serious-Shawn moment", and it sets the tone nicely for this chapter.

"His silent streak lasted for ten minutes this time, which was a personal best under trying circumstances." That line is so good. As always, you really do have Shawn down so well. The tone is exactly right, and his witty comments and observations are just perfect-they could be pulled straight from the show.

Oh my gosh, what a cliffhanger ending! I'm so glad I have a couple chapters left but I'm so intrigued by Marcus. Is this what the captain meant by the ship being full of liars? I can't wait to find out!
9/22 c12 shuuuliet
"I'm fully immersed in the Dark Web" hahahaha. Such a good line.

Ooh, this chapter was so good! I had been waiting to find out how the heck Shawn and Dennis ended up on that ship, and I finally know! But the suspense is still so real, I still can't wait to figure out who Cal really is and who these agents are and what the heck is going on. This story is so good, I've been so engaged every step of the way! I'm sad I only have a few chapters left until I'll have to wait to find out what happens next!
9/22 c11 shuuuliet
Aww, I loved the whole paragraph about "Gus Walks into a Bank", especially the bit about Juliet. I also loved the reference to Lassie-I hope he'll come into the story at some point! I would love to see what you do with his character. I also loved how kind Shawn is to the captain, even though he doesn't know enough to fully trust her yet.

Aahhh a Labyrinth reference! I love that. Don't take that path, Shawn, you'll go straight back to the castle...
9/22 c10 shuuuliet
I don't know why the petty cash tin bit made me laugh so hard, but it did. I can just picture Gus' indignation when he goes to check the tin with all those layers of security and sees that Shawn's been busy...

More excellent references in this chapter, too. I also love the idea that Elvis isn't really dead, he's just been taken by the aliens.

I like the idea that Shawn and Gus come around and hang out with Dennis a lot. I always felt like they could have done more with his character; his episode was such a fun one. And your writing of Dennis and Molly was so fun to read, too. I feel like, once again, you've got their characters just right. Shawn's dialogue with Molly was very Shawn, too. You understand these characters so well!

Once again, I am so glad to be a bit behind in this story, because I don't have to wait to find out who's at the door! I can't wait!
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