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for Freedom Found in Love

7/21/2020 c1 1Skay Grey
Olá! Eu sou uma fã brasileira, infelizmente eu não sei escrever e nem ler em seu idioma, mas amo Drarry e com a ajuda do Google Tradutor eu consegui, com muita dificuldade poder procurar esse estilo de fanfic em outros idiomas! Suas estórias é linda e perfeita, amei o jeito como você descreve as cenas, o diálogo deles, o elo deles e tudo mais! Além de todo o amor transmitido que faz a gente suspirar e deixa a glicose no sangue a níveis estratosféricos e eu te agradeço por isso! Eu procurei as fics indicadas e li a primeira e a segunda. Realmente são fics com temas assombrosos e complicadíssimos que corta a gente por dentro e faz mergulhar e morrer por saber que é infelizmente real e hediondo! Parabéns por ter sido o bálsamo e o alívio com sua doce fic! Espero que você ainda tenha contato com a outra autora e se tiver, por favor, se você puder a incentive terminar a segunda parte, por favor? Parece algo que mexe com a psique profundamente, mas no entanto ela abriu uma lacuna importante e se tiver condições e concluir o trabalho dela, tenho certeza que trará além de satisfação preciso ensinamento e esperança com a finalização, que espero que seja tão mágica e satisfatória quanto a sua! Parabéns a vocês dois que escrevem magníficamente!
7/2/2020 c1 230SasuNarufan13
Someone needs to draw them both in their wedding robes because from the description they look absolutely stunning!
I really loved the speeches they had for each other; they came straight from the heart even if it was inevitably darker than most vows, but that couldn't really be helped given their pasts.

(I did love Remus' end comment, though LOL)

Is this going to be a multichaptered story? Either way, this was very beautifully written! You did such a great job with this!
6/28/2020 c1 SerpensPrincess
Absoutely love!
6/27/2020 c1 12SensiblyTainted
OMG! I had no idea you were doing this! I just… I’m SPEECHLESS! You are the most thoughtful, beautiful person I have ever met! XD

I am literally breathless as I start reading. And it starts with the DRESS! OMG I am DYING! It sounds GORGEOUS! Especially the magical, whimsical way you describe it. Harry totally is some fey creature that could be carried off to Fairie. XD I love that you chose butterflies. A symbol of transformation, beauty, and grace.

I was surprised to see Hermione there (I know how you felt about her in Freedom) and in Stages. :P, but it was such a sweet moment. HAHAHA! She’s so right, Freedom Draco TOTALLY WOULD! Especially on this day! *giggles helplessly*

Awwww! I’m totally with Neville! I’m freaking tearing up here! A flower crown… OMG! Just my heart is gushing! How could you spring this on me?! *fans damp cheeks*

Draco’s “It’s Harry’s decision.” So final, so commanding… I just… SWOON!

So masterful the subtle writing where you so beautifully describe how this dress is different from the one when he was eleven. That he was no longer ‘pure’, which gives suggestions of maturity and age and time passing that we didn’t see. So well done!

It’s also a very interesting twist that they can speak telepathically! I hadn’t thought of that. It shows how they changed, but hints that the bond has as well in ways, which just makes me so much more eager to read for more of these delicious little hints and nuggets of how you see the future for this Harry and Draco…. and then the “Good boy” is a vivid streak that shows the bond is still the same as well.

O. M. G! These two are so sex-crazy! LOL! You totally have that right. XD Now they can have sex psychically. And… wow… very, VERY hot! Can you imagine getting an invisible blowjob fully dressed in a room full of people? I mean, obviously, you can, you wrote it, but now I am imagining it in vivid detail and WHEW! OMG! I need to turn the AC higher! LOL!

It’s just interesting to see Harry so assertive here. Sexually and emotionally. He’s really changed, but hasn’t at the same time. He gives in so naturally to Draco, and takes such pleasure and solace from it.
"Honestly, you two. Even in separate wings, you still can't keep your hands off each other." OMG! Hermione! Preach! LOL!

*sits up alert* Ohhhh. Andromeda is included? *holds breath* I see she isn’t much changed, which is realistic, probably. (Side note, Hermione and Neville flanking Harry like bodyguards… chef’s kiss! Perfection!) OMG! You did not just have her climb out of her hole of ignorance to make sweet Harry cry… AWWWW!

Narcissa is just darling in a cool way. “Do you remember your lessons?” Always proper, always so strong in her traditions and beliefs. It weaves through everything, even her love. I think you capture her really well, which makes sense as you nail her in Stages! XD

OMG, Harry walking down the aisle. So momentous, and the fact he thinks about the very beginning in that moment… it’s just… i can’t even talk, my heart feels too big for my chest!

Draco is so sweet and human in his vows. Not perfect, but more real because of it. He made me smile the way a mother would at her precious, precious son…. And oh sweet Harry, god it KILLS me that you were so horribly abused… in such a different way from Draco, who was also abused, but it just seems so much more awful because of how soft Harry is.

Ohhhh. Hawaii! Nice choice!

*cough* wow! So that was some passionate lovemaking! Had to step away and cool off before commenting. The heat and passion practically screams off the page. Grabs you by the throat and holds you captive…. I mean really! wow! Just… wow! *blushes hotly* You did a phenomenal job, love. Truly phenomenal.

*fans self* I just.. am still so surprised by this. It’s so beautiful and I just can’t believe Freedom inspired something so amazing. You are an incredible writer and I just… I can’t believe it! Thank you so so much for sharing this with me. It’s…. amazing! Simply amazing! I am standing and giving you a round of applause. And wiping away tears. I’m just so overwhelmed.

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