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8/17 c15 2Maelaeran
BZ: "'Tis, I, the Shadow King!"
SImura: "Explosive tag says what?"
BZ: "Wha-?"
8/16 c49 dspendragon125
As a takodachi myself, I am naturally cheering for Ina. Even if she isn't the main character.
8/13 c60 Auvro1
The chapters could be better. Though you are the writer. You would know what is best for the story.
8/6 c7 Ghost
i m liking the story so far but there is just a big lack of something. It's that there is barely any meaningful dialogue. all interactions and what the mc does is mostly summarized (told) instead of actually experienced (showed).

I hope there will be more conversations in the next chapters and more moving around of the character. The area around him is also wholy underdeveloped, otherwise I would already have a better image of how the village is constructed, what shops there are, where the clans are located etc. Also does the MC or the other children never play anything or do something fun? Seems kinda werid that it's never coming up.

At the moment overall it seems like an average self insert story with good grammar. No real tension, little character interactions, little dialogue, little world building.
8/7 c60 anthonym3
The harem grows...

Pretty soon Danzo is going to get one of those crazy harem protag moments where the lecture hall full of applicants will demand that he choose them... he will be overwhelmed, then after much confrontation will be forced to accept ALL of them.

It shall be glorious.
8/6 c60 evilstatistic19
Great chapter looking forward to the next one
8/6 c60 Guest
It would be awesome if Danzō yoinked the infinite armor

The Chakra absorbing armor that can revitalize the body and chakra capacity of the user would be pretty useful when the otsutsuki come down

He could fight like if Madara and kisame had a son

Our boi needs a healing factor of some sort to keep up with those aliens that farm chakra fruits from dead planets

He already is in the way for stopping power so our boi just needs the staying power

Also growing old sucks ass when all he does is fight

Maybe he could copy the seals in the infinite armor and tattoo it on himself so he could store and convert chakra to life energy for his longevity and healing factor
8/6 c60 LICHT
To ‘SocialistBukharin’: Fair enough… coupled with the caveat of requiring an account to access the ‘good stuff’ and effective moderation that motivates one to be on their ‘best behaviour’.

Say, our ‘protagonist’ didn’t ‘boink’ the Bunny MILF ‘Goddess’ (or any other woman) as of now, right? The only thing I remember is when he ‘finger-blasted’ her to escape the dreamscape… but that’s about it.

I sure wonder what it would be like to ‘boink’ a female Hyūga Clan member — if Hinata can be taken as a prime example, the ladies can sure develop such curvaceous figures~
8/6 c60 Guest
Por lo que veo los clones de sombras no existen aquí
8/6 c60 3coldblue2015
Thanks for updating and this a great chapter!


It seems that Danzo/Kojiro did not use Kenjutsu to defeat the Elemental Wind Dragon but summon -art of Sasunoo to take out this dragon. Muramasa getting idea from the Creepy Preist and Kojiro dialogue that Kojiro is not what he seems...So using Partial Sasunoo just demands answers from Muramasa. It going to be interesting once we get to the Captial and probably Koiro Sasaki name will be immortalize with a battle of the remaining 2 Elemental Dragons and probably battling several powerful pieces of Priest's that Jingen gives his 'blessings' to. Hibikiri-maru and the all the Charka from the Zero-Tails and with the Water/Earth/Wind Charka mixing together...It going to be interesting to read how the Zero-Tails adapting/evolving to point of communicating or escaping Hibiriki-maru...Will the Zero-Tails manifest from a Serpent into a Elemental Dragon?

Musashi Miyamoto:

Okay, we find out why a Female Musashi she searching for husband...Apparently, the Culture of the Land of Iron has custom of Marriage that women can verbally say NO to being ask for marriage, but Women being defeated in a Duel means these Women can be FORCED into marriage...So Musashi defeating men twice or thrice her age with good amount experience with a Sword gives us a idea of how/why Musashi became such a great Swordswomen. Now? She witnesses Kojiro fight with a actual dragon and dealing with Cults, which pissed her off! Mifune is there, but what make Musashi mad is that Kojiro held back and made Musashi doubt her skills in her Kenjutsu, which pisses her off even more! What is Musashi Miyamoto solution? Follow Kojiro party with Mifune coming along, were Musashi actually learning from Kojiro style of Fighting...which is picking up some Shinobi Charka training/exercises.

The Cults:

No purging of Shinobi or Foreigners death. Just a minority group that follow select group of Priests and witness 'miracles', who these Priest's report back to Jigen who has his own agenda. It rather interesting to read WHAT Priest's will make appearance or if we get the ONE Priest. I look forward to reading more.


1) Are we going to have a few more Priests that will probably battle Kojiro/Danzo at the Captial to capture for their Prophet?

2) Will the Captial in the Land of Iron where Kojiro Sasaki and Musashi Miyamoto become THE names that Samurai inspire to become?

3) If Musashi Miyamoto learns from Kojiro/Danzo to use Charka the way a Shinobi does, will Mifune be trained as well?

4) Any chance that Kojiro/Danzo Sasunoo having 2nd weapon, like Itachi Uchiha uses his Sasunoo has something called Yata Mirror to seal Orochimaru soul? Have you thought of ANOTHER weapon that makes Kojiro/Danzo Sasunoo to use as unexpected tool/trump card?

5) How will Hemiko Hyuga, Reira Uchicha, and Yoshiko Uzumaki react to Miyamoto Musashi proclaiming she is Kojiro/Danzo future wife?


1) I hope there more than one or that Jigen just pumps the ONE creep Priest with modifications that will eventually kill him to capture Danzo/Kojiro...I would rather have few Priest's actually gang up on Kojiro/Danzo. Why? Danzo/Kojiro good at fighting One-on-One and Multiple enemies; but have a few Priest's with unique/bizarre abilities would be interesting to read fight our MC.

2) Yeah, I feel like that is the goal. With Kojiro Sasaki fighting the MAJOR threats coming after him, with a trained Miyamoto Musashi saving the Daimyo or Daimyo heir in the Land of Iron while displaying a fierce Sword Style that NOBODY wants to challenge Musashi for her hand in marriage...It kind of sets up their reputation to be Immortalize in the Land of Iron and become the FEW people outside of Nobility that people in the Land of Iron want to remember their names or even name ONE place for these awesome Samurai in the Land of Iron.

3) I figure that Musashi Miyamoto learning how to Fight like a Shinobi or learn how Shinobi use Charka, then we get Mifune. I kind of hope that Mifune is influence/training by Kojiro/Danzo, leads him down the path of being the FUTURE Leader/Representative of the Land of Iron. Mifune will learn the mentality and fighting style of a Shinobi and be one the few Samurai that can use Charka the way the Samurai and Shinobi use it, that Mifune as young man/adult makes his name known in the Land of Iron.

4) That what I like about Itachi Sasunoo, that is he had this mastery over his Sasunoo that he developed a unique Weapon outside the Swords each Sasunoo has no matter the Uchiha or Sharingan user...With this, I kind of hope Danzo own version of Sasunoo develops a 2nd weapon. You can use inspiration of what go-to Weapons Samurai have on the Battlefield OUTSIDE the traditional Katana. Maybe Danzo develops Sasunoo base Charka weapon with Special Abilities...Such as Wooden Shields, Naginata or Yumi Bow can be something Danzo/SI develops over his LONG life span and becomes unique for his version of Sasunoo.

5) Uh-oh, Danzo/SI...You got problems and Wedding Bells are calling this character name...I can read Reira, Yoshiko and Himeko really being pissed at Musashi Miyamoto calling Danzo her future husband or fiancé, where these respective ladies from Uchiha, Uzumaki and Hyuga Clan have known Danzo for years and Danzo knows there intentions...Most likely some arguing, then coming agreement...Probably even Miyamoto Musashi display of her Kenjutsu Style and Samurai way of using Charka will help show how Danzo influence her and the ladies that were after Danzo hand in marriage respect Musashi Miyamoto strength.

Keep up the good work, stay safe, and stay healthy!
8/6 c60 PasiveNox
great chaptet
8/6 c60 6baron sanmdi
harem then ?
7/30 c1 LICHT
This fic probably wasn’t meant for this website… which may likely be the reason that it can be considered more 'successful' on the 'Questionable Questing' website instead. The additional features such as 'Reader Mode' and 'hyperlinking' images certainly helps, especially whenever original characters are involved…
7/25 c1 siddarth29ravi
Grammar is quite bad, many missed words, incomplete sentences etc. Would suggest proofreading it in grammarly once again.
7/24 c59 evilstatistic19
Great chapter looking forward to the next one
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