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6/21 c56 Guest
My only complaint so far is that Danzo's/Kojiro's time in the land of iron feels a bit short. Are we going to be in Samurai lands for one more arc or this it because I think one more arc in the land of iron would help the story out greatly. Also please have him meet up with other samurai or just some good swordsmen in general Muramasa Sengo is a good start but it still feels like there is more to come. It still feels like this is only the beginning of the Legend of Sasaki Kojiro it would be a pity not to see more of it.

Though I do look forward to Konoha hearing about the story of Sasaki Kojiro and how they react to it. Obviously Hashirama knows the truth maybe Madara and Mineko as well but I'm more interested in the reactions of those Danzo did not tell this secret to. Also a question I would like to ask is will we be seeing more of Kojiro after the land of iron. Like will Danzo put the metaphorical mask on again and go gallivanting around as the carefree swordsman once more? I hope he does but I would be okay if he does not.
6/20 c28 RadioactiveGods
Please no harem, I'm literally begging you. I absolutely adore this story so far and a harem will ruin it and make me immediately stop reading, please God tell me there's no harem in the future
6/17 c56 Guest
Wonder how Madara and Hashirama gonna react when Sasaki Kojiro becomes a known legend in the land of iron?

I really hope he makes armor worthy of his sword after his trip to learn swordsmanship tho

Chakra power armor like how his puppets move like what sasori does

Maybe chakra absorbing armor like the sword?

Then his under armor could maybe get charged with kinetic energy that it converts into chakra

So he’s building up a chakra battery with every impact

He’s gonna need to discharge the excess chakra it’s building so it won’t explode or something isn’t chakra poisoning a thing?

Be the unstoppable force in the battlefield bro

It could be an escape pod when the susanoo gets to taxing to put up
6/16 c50 3ExBlazE
Ok, so I read through the one-and-only rant in the AN and yes, I do feel like leaving like many others apparently already have. But with that said, I would like to at least put out a clear cut reason for my own loss of interest in this story.

Simply put, this 'Naruto' fanfic doesn't feel like a 'Naruto' fanfic anymore. That's it.

NGL, this story has its own weird charm. It just isn't for me. Kinda wish it was but oh well. I'm following some of your other stories anyway so no big deal.
6/15 c56 4serus black antihumannature
good work
6/12 c56 arjunnagarajan2
Good stuff

I recommend reading your stuff to other people a lot lol, its just really good compared to 90% of the stories out there.

6/11 c56 3coldblue2015
Thanks for updating and this is a great chapter!

SI/Danzo/Kojiro Sasaki:

Alright! The Zero-Tails is sealed in Danzo/Kojiro sword, which could mean it can grow and evolve into something else. A Kunai Shooter interesting tool to use from the Sky Shinobi, but I did have some hope for Steam Punk technology. Oh well...It interesting to read how his journey to find a Sword Master but got a useless man Tenmei who wanted to use SI/Kojiro money for gambling and women. The Land of Iron is not that impressive, with few settlements and only found one after he got lost chasing the Sky Fortress, so he wonders around until he found a settlement. SI/Danzo/Kojiro found a girl needing help and he found an Iwa Nuke-Nin ready kill an injured man. SI/Danzo/Kojiro took care of him with speed and element of surprise, along manipulating the anger of the Iwa Nuke-Nin...Made quick kill and SI/Danzo/Kojiro found the old man is famous historic figure known for creating GREAT swords and is swordsmen or know the basic better than others- Muramasa Seigo! I do not know if SI/Danzo/Kojiro will gain a Samurai Sword, a new little sister or understanding of Kenjutsu; but it is awesome to read what happens next.

Nashiro Tatsushiro either comes from Video Games or Movie's, which is somewhat semi-Cannon now in this story.


1) Can we expect SI/Danzo/Kojiro to gain unique Long-Sword Katanna from Muramasa Seigo after his journey?

2) What series of Anime/Manga are you going to base Musashi Miyamoto on to face 'Kojiro Sasaki'?

3) How will SI/Danzo use the Kunai Shooter for? Would it be used in a Puppet or perhaps a new type weapon to use for weaker Shinobi, like Genin or even some Chunin?

4) Is it possible to SI/Danzo be summon to dimension to fight a God or Goddess, similar to "Records of Ragnarök"?

5) Any chances of "Rorouni Kenshin" characters appearing in the Land of Iron Arc?


1) I like that...I admit, Samurai in "Naruto" are not that impressive so far and I hope that is a build-up. I figure Kojiro Sasaki will have a Odachi or Dry-Pole, basically a much longer sword than normal. I can read Muramasa Seigo could make Kojiro Sasaki that blade but is going to be something different. Something that links with Charka and probably Fuinjutsu, where Muramasa makes one of his greatest blades ever.

2) I hope we get your idea. I kind of could read Musashi being from "Record of Ragnarök", but I kind of hope takes some "Baki" style of Musashi. Kind of like we a powerful swordsman that would make SI/Danzo trip to the Land of Iron worthwhile. Musashi Miyamoto should be Clever Strategist, very strong Physical and have unique way of using Charka that sets him part from the other Samurai. A Samurai that can match and surpass the 'Kojiro Sasaki' legend.

3) Either a Puppet using the Kunai Shooter mechanic or a new tool for weaker Genin and some Chunin to use. It could be game changing weapon and already SI/Danzo/Kojiro thinking of add Fuinjutsu explosive tags that makes it a rapid fire machine gun to a rapid fire grenade launcher. It rather interesting to read what SI/Danzo will use this tool on.

4) Shadows elude Gods...That hook in the feature of this story, makes me want SI/Danzo to fight a God or Goddess. Yes, the Otsutsuki Clan are 'Gods', but they are more like Multiverse traveling Aliens...So why not put SI/Danzo in position where he has been summon by other Beings to fight against the Gods?!...It would be interesting to read Foreigner Army invading the Elemental Nations because they follow their God/Goddess will, where SI/Danzo puts the fear of Darkness in Divine being!

5) That not a bad idea...Kind of using Taijutsu and Charka differently, but I could read "Rorouni Kenshin" appearing and putting up a fight. The Land of Iron might be a neutral Territory/Country, but they have their own political turmoil/strife that happens. It just that the Hidden Villages do not focus on Samurai and are at war with each other, so they never focus Samurai Political issues because the Shinobi war against each other. I figure we get "Rorouni Kenshin" antagonist appear- Shishio Makato, Isurugi Raijuta, or Yukuzan Anaji. Just one or two small examples of terrify characters that can use Charka and are extremely good in their Kenjutsu/Martial Arts/Taijutsu styles.

Keep up the good work, stay safe, and stay healthy!
6/11 c56 Hadrian.Caeser
love it. let's see how konoha will develop with the new technology
6/11 c55 Hadrian.Caeser
nice one
6/11 c56 Berserker134
Who is Tatsushiro Nashiro? Is it the Nashiro from Tokyo Ghoul? Or another vtuber I'm unaware of?
But yay! A girl with handlebars! :3
Keep up the good work!

Ja Ne~!
6/11 c56 2005born
since when does he have dark style
6/11 c56 danielsnow
I would like to hope that me wanting a samurai girl would be fulfilled with a certain girl with 'cute horns'. The ship has already sailed! bwahaha
6/11 c56 Raging Drake
I’m still waiting for a Tsubame gaeshi anytime now
6/11 c56 PasiveNox
great chapter
6/11 c56 boredasf13
I'm sure she is related to akari tatsuhiro, Ryu clan from that naruto game? this has a so much potential!
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