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10/29/2022 c5 reptoholic
Lol cute
10/29/2022 c67 JaimonDosFendu
While good, this arc is dragging on indeed.
It just feels like it could have been any other lambda protagonist who would have led this and we'd get the same journey and ending. Like a filler episode
Thanks for writing anyway!
10/29/2022 c4 reptoholic
10/29/2022 c3 reptoholic
Awesomee…. Hope he recreates Justus and finds a unique style
10/29/2022 c2 reptoholic
10/29/2022 c67 3coldblue2015

A few more Arc's and wrapping up of business in this story.


Interesting to read the drama happening. The Mad/God-like Priest broke the Sword and Reibi was trying to absorb that Charka, before SI/Danzo/Kojiro came to stop it with Musashi as his partner...A mindscape battle happen where SI or John deals with his persona as Danzo and having dialogue of SI/Danzo on how to bring Peace to the world. Danzo wanted to take control and cut all the would be enemies down, while bringing peace...SI/Dano/Kojiro just label him a Dictator and was too radical of change to happen at the current moment. SI/Danzo/Kojiro created Heaven Slash and broke out of his mindscape to stop the Reibi. The Reibi died, but something or someone new came out...Shirone-no-Genryu or the Dragon of Light in a humanoid/female form. It is interesting how SI/Danzo/Kojiro will deal with this new change and move on from there with Nashiro, Musashi and Mifune back to the Leaf.


1) Can we expect SI/Danzo/Kojiro to be changing and shifting the Great Shinobi War's to come by being infamous General or being great at Assassinations of certain leaders/political heads?

2) Are we going to read Epilogue with SI/Danzo just being Old-Man Danzo, but with large family and growing business with enormous influence at the end or beginning of "Naruto" cannon?

3) Will we get your Yakuza base stories coming next soon with "Peerless Darkness" completed?


1) I figure as General or being leader of Root, but doing right and not thinking everyone so disposable tool to use. I kind of read SI/Danzo just being more successful as Root Leader, but I can read being infamous as War-time General could work as well. Kind of like SI/Danzo earns that title surviving/thriving in 3 Shinobi War as...the Peerless Darkness of the Shinobi World.

2) Kind of want to read that. How many kids SI/Danzo had and how many Grandkids he has. Not to mention how well his Agriculture/Business venture is doing creating Supermarkets and being all around the Elemental Nations. The Political influence is huge given SI/Danzo marriage's/wives of his Clan and season/respect as successful Shinobi with a High Rank. Most likely, SI/Danzo is pleasant and more cool-headed advisor to Hokage's he meet whom take on the mantel.

3) I kind of look forward to those Stories. I want to read them. One where your character from Italy connected to Mob family before going to Japan and ending up connected/in a Yakuza organization. Not to mention the other has you born into a Yakuza clan that has power, but miss uses and changes the direction so to speak. Whatever it is, I look forward to reading those stories

Keep up the good work, stay safe, and stay healthy!
10/29/2022 c1 reptoholic
10/29/2022 c67 PasiveNox
great chapter
10/29/2022 c67 henri.risius
10/15/2022 c66 Kratis40k
Wow, this is sooo good
10/16/2022 c66 coldblue2015

I guess I should have anticipated a Halloween special.

Creepy dolls possessed by vengeful spirits always have a tragic origin...At least it not a demon.

Ina got a new doll and a new friend in Kokomi, while Kokomi got justice for her dead father.

SI/Danzo just keeps having a bizarre, but normal life.

Sorry to hear about your living situation with your parents and being isolated in certain area's...God, I hope you guys get rain/snow or whatever water you need, but hopefully not a Mud/Rock Slide and Flooding...I feel that way to in USA, California feeling isolated in my area in the Mountains.
10/16/2022 c28 KingOfEmptyness
the fuck is wrong with you why why why just stop it get some help you fucked up the story for me what the fuck fucking people and their horny parts shaping good storys get you horny part in control fool
10/15/2022 c26 KingOfEmptyness
i hate romance stuff at least dont add harem its worst
10/15/2022 c66 evilstatistic19
Good chapter looking forward to the next one
10/15/2022 c66 1Verdauga
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