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10/15/2022 c26 KingOfEmptyness
i hate romance stuff at least dont add harem its worst
10/15/2022 c66 evilstatistic19
Good chapter looking forward to the next one
10/15/2022 c66 1Verdauga
10/15/2022 c1 KingOfEmptyness
nice start
10/15/2022 c66 PasiveNox
huh nice omake
10/9/2022 c25 Kierbee
I like the fact that Danzou got a Phoenix in Ch.25,since their lore is about ressurection/reincarnation,and the mc has had his soul /mind reincarnated. The story is great so far,with a steady build-uo and slowly making the main character more powerful and experienced and managing to take on much stronger enemies through strategy,rather than relying on brute force.
10/1/2022 c65 3coldblue2015
Thanks for updating!


Well, it seems that things are getting worse and yet heading towards a direction where SI/Danzo/Kojiro is going to become something more than human. Maybe at Otsutsuki Clan level of biology or something. Anyway, SI/Danzo knows that Mount Koryu is bizarre with source of Charka that seems too much and creates separate Bio-Domes of Weather/Climate...Most likely, SI/Danzo/Kojiro will fix that. Anyway, Ashihei the Priest is more dangerous because of the Charka Fruit and his body is unstable. Ashihei took SI/Danzo sword Hebiki-maru, where all the Elemental Dragon Souls and ONE Zero Tail Bijuu are mingling together with unknown amount of Charka/Energy that SI/Danzo/Kojiro has hard time controlling...I would not be surprise if Hebiki-maru absorb some of Ashihei Charka as well...That blade is unstable until it returns to his owner. Now, Muramasa dead and gave Kojiro Sasaki his signature blade, a tall straight-bladed Nodachi called Monohoshizao. We have Fem Miyamato Musashi and kid Mifune there mourning, but willing to help...It looks like the Land of Iron Arc is rapping up.


1) Can we expect Ashihei unstable Charka or some of his Charka going into Hebiki-maru?

2) Will SI/Danzo gain his Hebiki-maru back after Mount Koryu Arc or no?

3) Will Mount Koryu be cut in half and Kojiro Sasaki name be immortalize as Myth of a Samurai that cut a Dragon Mountain in half?

4) Can we expect in "This is Home, Not" for John to deal with surviving Egotistical Gods and manage to overcome some Greek/Rome pantheon?


1) Part of me really wants Hibiki-maru to become this unusual legendary blade mix with Dragon Souls/Elements, Zero-Tail Biju and now Charka Fruit from a Corrupted Priest...That legendary/horrify blade with sentience that is only controlled properly by SI/Danzo...Not all of Ashihei charka, but some of it should go into Hibiki-maru to gain more influx of unusual Charka/Sentience.

2) I hope so...Hibiki-maru is something special, besides being used to travel the Multiverse of Dimensions as energy engine/ritual for something...I feel like Hibiki-maru and Monohoshizao as his go to Swords. Maybe even Hibiki-maru being the Yin Charka uses, while Monohoshizao is the Yang Charka sword. I just hope it not destroyed after all of this.

3) That pretty awesome/mythical legend in the Elemental Nations! Kojiro Sasaki would be known as Demon Swordsman and the Dragon-Slayer for his skills, but to Cut a Mountain would be ever lasting proof that Samurai Sword/Training can cut through anything. Maybe even Pilgram for Samurai in the Land of Iron to go to Mount Koryu, just to see this deep Cut/Reaving that Kojiro Sasaki literally cut in Half!...Fueling desires and perfection for Samurai to become stronger or better than Kojiro Sasaki.

4) It kind of like Rock-Paper-Scissors. Sometimes John can gain one over a God or Goddess and the next one John submits/defeated by one. Other times they are just neutral and it a tie. I look forward to the updates of your "Lore Olympus" story line. I read the comic and listen to the YouTube narration of the story, so I am interested how John will survive and thrive dealing with Greek/Roman Pantheon.

Keep up the good work, stay safe, and stay healthy!
10/1/2022 c65 evilstatistic19
Great chapter looking forward to the next one
9/30/2022 c64 Guest
Dang it’s gonna end? Kinda want him to be god emperor

He could just needs to delegate the shit out of ruling to trusted people

Make a military and police force of ino-shika-cho and uchihas to have a tight grip on the law

And maybe root to handle organized crime

Then when everything can run by itself he could visit every 10 years and stay for 2 for vacation and inspection then continue his multiverses adventures to further his empire and his wives!

Would be awesome if he went to one piece and DBZ
10/1/2022 c65 PasiveNox
Damn anyway great chapter
9/30/2022 c62 Guest
Hope grandpa Danzou is just a transformation jutsu he always puts up and he looks to be in his 30s

But since he’s Asian it would look like his late teens

With so much chakra he would have more longevity than most Uzumaki

Maybe he could age like the first kenpachi from bleach

She’s still super hot
9/20/2022 c64 danielsnow
I love the story. I'm super excited to see him tango with the girls.
9/17/2022 c23 Motherlover
Kaguya Ōtsutsuki: "I'm a Goddess, little mortal."

Danzō Shimura/John Bukharin: "A god wouldn't be lamenting like a brat at the first hint that their little kingdom has fallen. A god wouldn't care if their subject is an enslaved human or a doll, and… a God wouldn't care about family. You think that having that much power would turn you into one? You might be immortal and have some amazing powers, but you don't have the mind and soul of a deity. You don't have the indifference no matter how much you try. A god? You're just someone that gained power through unpleasant means. Your sons saw this, and saw how you, a good person, was actually so cruel with others for fear of losing control."

(Man, I need this guy to confront Darth Vitiate/The Sith Emperor/Valkorion/Tenebrae from "Star Wars: The Old Republic" — the catharsis of slaying such an evil bastard with this "The Reason You Suck" Speech would be so very satisfying.)
9/18/2022 c64 Inritus
What do you mean by the story will be over? Are you not going into Naruto timeline?
9/17/2022 c64 coldblue2015
I love this chapter, but I read the Author Notes to find out this story is wrapping up after few arc's.

What a ride, but I feel sad.

Fem Miyamoto Musashi:

It seems that Musashi is taking some of SI/Danzo/Koiro training- physical conditioning and treating the body as part of oneself. Musashi has dual sword style, so she is developing that style further. She likes Danzo AND Kojiro...Kind of like she gets the whole package of a strong Swordsmen that sweet, with a battle-harden and kind Shinobi. Musashi just does NOT want to be stay at home wife. She wants fight and explore the world. Although, the Fem Musashi thinking about her and Danzo/Kojiro potential kids have her think far down the line~!...I just wonder how she will react to Uzumaki, Uchiha and Hyuga rival's in love.


Well, she meant her Inner Dragon or being she has within her soul...THE Genryu or Light Dragon is going to be a good friend for Nashiro, instead of bumpy relationship that Naruto and Kurama had to begin with. It interesting to read Nashiro explain the dangers she face with the Creepy Priest after her and killed her family/clan. It is great to read Nashiro have support she needs.

Sengo Muramasa:

Well...those are Death Flags. Muramasa knows he is dying and his body telling that to himself, but also Muramasa reflects on ALL the Students he had in life and his current job/mission with Nashiro. From farmers, tax-collects and bodyguards to the Shogun. Danzo/Kojiro is just easier to teach because of Shinobi experience and already know how to LEARN like a proper student. But it seems that Muramasa is going to give one LAST gift to his LAST student...A sword mixed with unique crystal that Nashiro had from her Clan to generate Yang-Charka. Yang Charka gives a Physical aspect of Charka, like enhancing the Body or using it in specialize jutsu that the Akimichi Clan and some Senju Clan members use. It going to be interesting to read Yang-Charka channel Sword that Muramasa gives to Danzo/Kojiro.


1) When this story ends, are we the readers going to get Epilogue on SI/Danzo life during the "Naruto"/"Baruto" timeline?

2) Have you thought of a name for Muramasa sword that he plans to gift Danzo/Kojiro?

3) Are we going to have 80/90/2000s story about certain Cartoon Series, if you already created "Indeed an Insane World"?

4) Will we get John in "Indeed an Insane World" be part of "Case Closed"/"Detective Conan" episode/crime scene where he meets Conan Edogawa/Jimmy Kudo?

5) Can we expect SI/Danzo to loosen the Seal for Princess Kaguya, once he knows Kaguya is not dangerous or is Princess Kaguya Otsutsuki just stuck sealed in the Moon forever at the end of this story?

6) Can we expect the Yang Charka in Danzo/Kojiro future sword to be destructive, kind of like Zoro from "One Piece" ability to CUT through a Mountain or something?


1) I know we got Omake with Dimension Jumping for SI/Danzo, but I also hope we read how SI/Danzo does with main "Naruto" and than "Baruto" characters. Kind of like we read SI/Danzo does not get older or die, but he still sharp and skilled because of ALL the Shinobi War's he participated in. Maybe read SI/Danzo as older man meet Itachi Uchiha, Sasuke Uchiha, Naruto Uzumaki, or Neji Hyuga; along with the ripples of changes that helped improve these characters lives.

2) I mean...I am not good with names. You could get a Name from Anime/Manga series of your favorite sword, but I could read you being creative. I figure Yang-Charka sword and being the LAST of Sengo Muramasa swords, that you have something figured out.

3) That would not be bad. I doubt you would have such as story in this site, but on Questionable Quests. I would love to read what Western Cartoons your story universe would have. I mean, the 80s had great characters with "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles", "GI Joes" or "Transformers". The 90s could be interesting to read "The Simpsons", "Doug", "Johnny Bravo", "The Powerpuff Girls", "Dexter Laboratory", "Futurama", "Gargoyles", "South Park", "Hey Arnold" or "Rocket Power". If you want from the 2000s, you could use the DC Animated Cartoon Universe from "Batman: The Animated Series" to "Super: The Animated Series", "Static Shock", "Justice League" and "Justice League Unlimited".

Just some cartoons from 80s/90s/2000s to be similar, but different "Indeed an Insane World" story. Plus, you could make your SI/OC have skill from Cartoon that seems awesome to have from Magic to having useful items or skills that only exist within Western Cartoons Universe of your making.

4) I have been watching "Case Closed" again, just because of "Indeed an Insane World". It would be interesting to read which Mystery/Murder/Criminal Case you have John meet the Teenage, now kid Detective. Something like John being set-up for Murder or Criminal Charges, given that John is a Foringer/Western in Japan...Well, no matter watch Country anyone in the locals do not trust outsider.

Plus, I could read John make enemies from "Indeed an Insane World" from the Yakuza, Black Organization, Monsters or unexpected characters that have issues with John because he is doing so well in Japan.

5)...That is tough question. I figure Danzo could do that with his Fuinjutsu skills instead of trying to gather ALL the Tailed-Beasts...But the question if the world safe with Princess Kaguya Otsutsuki outside her seal...I mean, if SI/Danzo becomes a God to keep a Goddess like Kaguya in-check or vice versa, I could read SI/Danzo having Kaguya leave her Seal...Kind of like Princess Kaguya Otsutsuki no longer wishes to conquer or control the world to protect it from the Otsutsuki Clan members, but living a life she wants with or without SI/Danzo.

6) That would be great! Kind of like Muramasa Sword potential brought out from SI/Danzo/Kojiro to cut through ANYTHING! Mountains, Meteors, Asteroids or anything within the Physical Realm. Kind of would be interesting to read Nodachi or Drying Pole look like an extra-long Katana, but it really can cut through anything if SI/Danzo/Kojiro puts his effort into his Kenjutsu more.

Keep up the good work, stay safe, and stay healthy!
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