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for Peerless Darkness

9/3/2022 c62 johnwhen
Oh ahit I’m down to see how he’ll interact with the other gods /archons
9/3/2022 c63 evilstatistic19
Great chapter looking forward to the next one
9/3/2022 c63 ZZloth
9/3/2022 c62 Raging Drake
This’ll be an interesting omake series, gonna take a guess and say he’s gonna go the mentor route on this one,watching from the sidelines till shít gets real
9/3/2022 c62 vparadox12122000
LOL think Ina, Calli, and the summons would be the only ones still alive.(unless you want to go the Holomyth route and keep the gang)

So he just left Ina? Maybe...

So either he's imortal but has wrinkles or like cannon Danzo without the injuries.

All in all nice work on the chapter dude.
9/3/2022 c63 vparadox12122000
nice Omakes, but I think the last paragraph about Kaguya had a typo.

Still all in all nice work on the chapter dude.
9/3/2022 c63 1EmmieSauce
I would love it if he ended up with Kaguya. It is a nice couple! They get along well!
9/3/2022 c63 1Verdauga
The Power of Horni compels you
9/3/2022 c62 Verdauga
He will deliver ass-whoopings.
9/3/2022 c63 ZaXan
fucken good my guy
9/3/2022 c63 PasiveNox
Nice chapter
9/3/2022 c62 PasiveNox
Nice omakes
8/27/2022 c61 Harris Hussain
I’ve just binge read this story this week. And I must say it’s been an amazing.

At first I was a bit skeptical about the SI into Danzo but it was great. Also I felt that you were making him too strong to quickly. I’ve read stories that started of great but they fucked up by making a 10 year old rival Hashirama and Madara in strength. But this does not fall into that. His progression has been believable for a young prodigy aswell as an old soul.

All in all it’s been an incredible story so far and can’t wait to read more!
8/23/2022 c61 Verdauga
One God intends to possess him, and the other is already possessive of him.

And Horni.
8/23/2022 c58 Verdauga
Haha! The Horny compels you!

Imagine telling Kurama and Matatabi their grandma is feeling really Horny.
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