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3/26/2023 c17 Noneofit
I have no idea who that guy is.
3/26/2023 c16 Noneofit
The kid is Orochimaru, isn't he?
2/19/2023 c73 1Randomguy0110100100110
I was so confused through the whole story
Still am
1/23/2023 c52 StarBoundDisaster
I meant the Mirai chapter with my earlier comment, also this chapter reinforces my desire to see more of this. Hopefully, you continue the story through this concept in a sequel. At least it would be interesting to see 3rd's Hokage reaction to Danzo's accomplishments in his different future as well as his apprenticeship to Madara.
1/23/2023 c6 StarBoundDisaster
I want to see a story around this concept. I just love the idea of Danzo going into a different future.
1/22/2023 c64 NastySquire
Doesn't make any sense that a samurai kid would be able to spy on a powerful ninja for multiple days without being found out. Perhaps this will be explained, perhaps not.
1/22/2023 c73 danielsnow
damn, sad to see you were drained making this story, it was an amazing journey. I will miss it terribly. I would love to see danzo back with a bunch of kids and being a great dad to them.
1/22/2023 c73 DarkBan
What a bizzarre, yet amazing journey this was xD
Thanks for sharing this story, hope you're doing well :)
i was late to the last chapter T_T
1/22/2023 c33 NastySquire
The whole thing with the MC and the girls trying to be in a relationship with him is super forced. If he really isn't interested then he could just say so. Instead, it feels like someone shoved a crappy 'dense anime harem protag' in an otherwise good story.
1/21/2023 c73 PasiveNox
Nice chapter
1/21/2023 c73 Acqua OfThe Back
Aunque creo que fue algo abrupto, muchas gracias por todo este tiempo, me gustó bastante la historia y esperaré ver ese pequeño futuro secuela/spin-off menor del viejo Danzou
1/21/2023 c61 kite15663
Idiot. If he mistakenly traverse in Dragon ball universe and Zeno found out, all he need to do is just sneeze at him and he would've been obliterated
1/21/2023 c73 2The Last Rising Of The Phoenix
Enjoyable story, thanks you for being creative
1/21/2023 c73 T-B-R
fun story, was pretty solid
1/21/2023 c73 fullmetal1985
I look forward to the old danzo story based off this the omakes of him and Naruto is hilarious.
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