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9/3 c63 3coldblue2015

Princess Kaguya Otsutsuki:

After SI/Danzo first round with her...She is going to forget she had a husband. The most powerful being in "Naruto" that tries to dominate the world, is secretly a Submissive fetish. I honestly could read SI/Danzo bringing his future Wives into his dreams with Fuinjutsu and some Yamamaka Clan hypothesis of traveling through Dreams of the Mind. SI/Danzo does know that back in Kaguya time on Earth, sex was very plain and just used to create children/heir's...With SI/Danzo he probably has his modern knowledge, past Internet history and his own experience is going to turn Kaguya into his own personal Sheath/Sleeve. I think once SI/Danzo wives are involved or find out about Kaguya appearing SI/Danzo dream, they are going show Kaguya the Pecking-Order and introduce Kaguya whole new world of pleasure~!


1) Any other dimensions you want Old Man Danzo/SI going to visit- "One Punch Man", "Baki", "Kengan Ashura/Omeg", or "My Hero Academia"?

2) How likely Ashihei going to go from worshiping Ishiski Otsutsuki to going drunk with power and thinking himself as the NEW God of this planet?

3) Is it even possible for Kaguya to get pregnant in the Mindscape?

4) Could SI/Danzo use Fuinjutsu and Yamanaka Clan mind hypothesis to travel and bring other people into his Mindscape to meet Kaguya?

5) In "Indeed in Insane Universe", can we expect Ser Integra and John to meet to form alliance/affiliation with Hellsing Organization, to possible take part in major fights/battles against Icognito or the Major/Nazi CHIP Vampires in the future?


1) I think all would be good. In "One Punch Man", Old Man Danzo/SI might NOT be the most powerful...but he would be the most mysterious and vast array of Skills/Powers. I kind of want a Old Man Danzo/SI to blow fighters mind in "Kengan Ashura/Omeg" and "Baki", showing that Kaioh Kaku better watch out because there another Old Man that can give the Ogre one hell of fight! "My Hero Academia", it would be interesting to read a Dimensional traveler going to a Hero/Villain universe and it would kind of make "My Hero Academia" more Western in Comics given they do have DC/Marvel have a Multiverse.

2) I can read Ashihei going from Cult Follower to become Drunk with Power from the Charka Fruit in thinking he is a Prophet/Demi-God or even a NEW God. I do get this idea from "Hellsing Ultimate" with Maxwell from Iscariot Organization goes drunk with power and starts using his Army to shoot up Vampire Nazi's and poor victims of Londan massacre...With Ashihei, I could easily read him getting to drunk with his NEW power.

3)...Is this "Nightmare on Elm Street" rules, where what happens in the Dream/Mind, happens in real time? Because that is very frightening and also amazing. I do not think Kaguya would want be pregnant sealed in the Moon, but I could be wrong. Maybe Kaguya just wants to feel whole new pleasure before...she feels to need to have child or children again.

4) Yes, it like "Inception" movie, but it like SI/Danzo uses Fuinjutsu and Yamanaka Clan hypothesis to bring OTHER people into his Mindscape/Dreamscape...Yes, this is just a idea for SI/Danzo wives to meet Princess Kaguya Otsutsuki and things get steamer~! It really up to you to add this later in the Ero Omakes.

5) I hope so...It kind of cool to think John would be part of the Hellsing Organization. Another part of me hope Integra and John have some interesting chemistry with each other. The main reason is to have John in "Indeed an Insane World" to experience his own BLOODY Battle/War that will make or break John into a incredible Fighter/Warrior along with pushing his Hamon/Rippe and Stand (Violet Sage) into something stronger!

Keep up the good work, stay safe, and stay healthy!
9/3 c62 Kaliedo
I kinda really want to see more of Old Man Danzou rolling around dispensing wisdom.

Make it happen! ... please.
9/3 c62 coldblue2015
I do like this idea...

Old Man Danzo/SI, living longer than normal because Otsutsuki Clan meddling and turning him somewhat Immortal because of it.

Dimension hopping?

Eh, I am okay...I just want Old Man Danzo/SI to flex his power in "Baruoto: The Next Generation" a bit during certain events. Kind of showing Kara and future Otsutsuki members that SI/Danzo is a MONSTER that far succeeds what Cannon version of Madara Uchiha from "Naruto" Capable of.

I do like the idea that Old Man Danzo/SI kind of implies that he VERY powerful, kind of suffering from Saitama-Syndrome from "One Punch Man", but we do not know how powerful he is...yet.
9/3 c63 T-B-R
alright! our best moon bunny gets some love~
9/3 c62 johnwhen
Oh ahit I’m down to see how he’ll interact with the other gods /archons
9/3 c63 evilstatistic19
Great chapter looking forward to the next one
9/3 c63 Alejandro Arturo Ferro Figueroa
9/3 c62 Raging Drake
This’ll be an interesting omake series, gonna take a guess and say he’s gonna go the mentor route on this one,watching from the sidelines till shít gets real
9/3 c62 vparadox12122000
LOL think Ina, Calli, and the summons would be the only ones still alive.(unless you want to go the Holomyth route and keep the gang)

So he just left Ina? Maybe...

So either he's imortal but has wrinkles or like cannon Danzo without the injuries.

All in all nice work on the chapter dude.
9/3 c63 vparadox12122000
nice Omakes, but I think the last paragraph about Kaguya had a typo.

Still all in all nice work on the chapter dude.
9/3 c63 1EmmieSauce
I would love it if he ended up with Kaguya. It is a nice couple! They get along well!
9/3 c63 4Verdauga
The Power of Horni compels you
9/3 c62 Verdauga
He will deliver ass-whoopings.
9/3 c63 ZaXan
fucken good my guy
9/3 c63 PasiveNox
Nice chapter
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