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for Peerless Darkness

7/9/2022 c57 ClearOcean
Didn't even know there was a game about this setting.
7/9/2022 c58 Crapcase39
Nice casual joke about Kaguya trying to rape him. I love double standards.
7/9/2022 c58 Eliptic
Touching Nashiro is Not Hallal my friend , dive into the cold waters of Antarctica to calm yourself.
7/9/2022 c58 GlassedGamer
You know what? That little comment about preferring QQ for your stories is correct. I love the little links and images you use to help describe people and places. I think I'm gonna drop this story here and continue it over on QQ instead, as I do most of your other stuff.
7/9/2022 c58 Raging Drake
Thank goodness he evaded “disaster”
Great chapter tho
7/9/2022 c58 HalfmoonSilver80
7/9/2022 c58 PasiveNox
hahahahahahahh very noice yeah great chapter
7/7/2022 c57 Guest
Kaguya is keeping a much closer eye on Danzo now, I just want to know how she is enjoying the Sasaki Kojiro arc so far? Kind of imagine her just reclining on a couch eating a bowl of nuts as she flips the switch on the tv remote and the channel turns to "Peerless Darkness" obviously with an awesome ass anime intro with the Dragon ball z narrator coming in to tease everyone about the next episode before the equally badass anime credit scene pop up.
7/7/2022 c26 AMurder0fCrows
every other character gets crows,toads, slugs, snakes and monkeys but here we have this ass getting a Phoenix. How dumb is that? can't wait for the next kid to get dragons, griffins, unicorns, or even hydras. regular frickin animals to choose from and the person that made this story goes 'he get Pheonixes'. this is a crackfic in my eyes now.
6/30/2022 c57 4serus black antihumannature
good work
6/28/2022 c49 CompuBob
WAH! Insert cucumber emote here.
6/28/2022 c34 CompuBob
Omg, I thought that Danzo having Kiara as a phoenix was a coincidence! And this is the first fic I’ve read which included hololive members as OCs.
Thanks for the treat!
6/27/2022 c42 William152
Why did I only notice the reference afterwards with her name must be tired
6/27/2022 c34 William152
Now I'm curious if u doing all of myth or the rest of the en branch
6/27/2022 c28 William152
Omg the transformation
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