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6/27/2022 c28 William152
Omg the transformation
6/27/2022 c26 William152
Kiara as a summon Phoenix at least makes sense
6/27/2022 c25 William152
6/26/2022 c57 Hadrian.Caeser
6/25/2022 c57 3coldblue2015
Thanks for updating and this is a great chapter!

SI/Danzo/Kojiro Sasaki:

I like the start of Danzo/Kojiro way of the sword. Muramasa Sengo tweaking and prodding, but also breaking down Danzo/Kojiro style of Kenjutsu is great. Danzo/Kojiro has training and experience as Shinobi, even seasoned in War, but he is learning Samurai Doctrine of Kenjutsu. We also have Danzo/Kojiro asking Muramasa what the end game of protecting Nashiro. They go to her Compound/Mount Koryu where she will be protected...Hopefully with her fellow/surviving clan/family...Anyway, Danzo/Kojiro fought a Earth Dragon or Genryu, but his sword(Hebikiri-maru/Snake-Cutter) also absorb the ENERGY of the Earth Dragon. Danzo/Kojiro took the crystal of the Earth Dragon with him...possible ingredient/material to forge for his OTHER sword made by Muramasa. Meeting the new threat, it was funny to read some classic/sterotypical Priest jokes chasing/molesting children, Ashihei. Ashihei...He seem to be able to manipulate minds or use telepathy to control minds. That screamed danger to Danzo/Kojiro, but he notice the Dragons heading his way and cut the priest with his Shadow Style-Cutting Shadow before heading back to Muramasa and leaving to a new settlement with Nashiro.

"Indeed an Insane World":

I like the idea...I have read several chapters, and you won me over with your character having a "Baki" character to mentor or understand the basic's of fighting. It not right away, but I love the mentor and I hope you have John fight in the Maximum Tournament or something. I am still looking forward to when the "Inuyasha" element comes in. "Ranma 1/2" and "Sailor Moon" is very much involved and I like the path that John is taking, but I hope we other 80s/90s anime. Maybe even "Tenchi Muyo" or "Yu Yu Hakusho" elements come into the story.


1) With Danzo taking the Earth Dragon Crystal, will he gather the other Elemental Dragons Crystals to use as forging material for Muramasa to craft to make ANOTHER sword for him?

2) Will Tatsuhiro Nashiro be safe at her family/clan Compound or will Danzo/Kojiro and Muramasa have a enemy within the Clan to fight?

3) Any chances that Hebikiri-maru and potential any other sword can use abilities from "Inuyasha", such as Bakusaiga ability of Decomposition or Tessaiga ability to open/close the Netherworld/Underworld?

4) How likely is "Indeed an Insane World" can be publish on this site?


1) Hibikiri-maru, is a Sword of Darkness so far...I would not be surprise if Muramasa forge a Sword of Light, given the Tatsushiro Clan actually has a ritual to create a Dragon of Light. I figure, with Legendary Swordsmith like Muramasa, he would use Danzo/Kojiro crystals as PART of the ingredients of the Forge, but make a Sword of Light. Kind of like a treasure of what Samurai in the Land of Iron strive for with a Purity, but also put target on Danzo Shimura back if he is reveal to use such a PURE Sword in chaotic/bloody future war's.

2) I figure both characters will have to clean up house. It not just the outside forces, but also within the Clan there are issues. A Clan such as Tatsushiro being ancient and predating the Sage of Six Paths, but being mistreated for centuries might have a few Clan members wanting to take revenge and power within the Land of Iron.

3) The Iron and Soul makes me think of Zanpakutos from "Bleach", but I am a fan of "Inuyasha" demon/yokai swords! I kind of hope with mastering and cultivating these swords, Danzo/Kojiro could forge/change their nature to be very powerful. Again, something that represents connection with the afterlife, either positive or negative. Heaven or Hell. Something along those lines.

4) I have went to Questionable Questions and I wonder why "Indeed and Insane World" is not on this site. I want to review on this website, because I gain trust and understanding on how to use the Fan Fiction site. Still...I will read from Questionable Questions if you do not publish on this website.

...God, I hope John in "Indeed an Insane World" learns Aki techniques from Gouki Shibukawa or even train with Kioah Ritsu to use some Chinese Kempo from "Baki"!

Keep up the good work, stay safe and stay healthy!
6/25/2022 c57 Angeloux
You ruined a good story by using a dumb phrase that doesn't even fit the novel. Taking a L, really?
6/25/2022 c57 im not enirely sure he
This "Game", did it have a blade that can cut anything including chakra and was at the center of some mountains that do not allow chakra to be used, the composition of said mountains reject all chakra?
6/25/2022 c57 evilstatistic19
Great chapter looking forward to the next one
6/25/2022 c57 Benny Farr
Is it okay if you post the first story on this site, I don't use QQ and the first story you mentioned is something that interests me.
6/25/2022 c57 Maronek
Another damn good chap. Good word can't wait for the next one
6/25/2022 c57 PasiveNox
great chapter :)
6/21/2022 c56 Guest
My only complaint so far is that Danzo's/Kojiro's time in the land of iron feels a bit short. Are we going to be in Samurai lands for one more arc or this it because I think one more arc in the land of iron would help the story out greatly. Also please have him meet up with other samurai or just some good swordsmen in general Muramasa Sengo is a good start but it still feels like there is more to come. It still feels like this is only the beginning of the Legend of Sasaki Kojiro it would be a pity not to see more of it.

Though I do look forward to Konoha hearing about the story of Sasaki Kojiro and how they react to it. Obviously Hashirama knows the truth maybe Madara and Mineko as well but I'm more interested in the reactions of those Danzo did not tell this secret to. Also a question I would like to ask is will we be seeing more of Kojiro after the land of iron. Like will Danzo put the metaphorical mask on again and go gallivanting around as the carefree swordsman once more? I hope he does but I would be okay if he does not.
6/20/2022 c28 RadioactiveGods
Please no harem, I'm literally begging you. I absolutely adore this story so far and a harem will ruin it and make me immediately stop reading, please God tell me there's no harem in the future
6/17/2022 c56 Guest
Wonder how Madara and Hashirama gonna react when Sasaki Kojiro becomes a known legend in the land of iron?

I really hope he makes armor worthy of his sword after his trip to learn swordsmanship tho

Chakra power armor like how his puppets move like what sasori does

Maybe chakra absorbing armor like the sword?

Then his under armor could maybe get charged with kinetic energy that it converts into chakra

So he’s building up a chakra battery with every impact

He’s gonna need to discharge the excess chakra it’s building so it won’t explode or something isn’t chakra poisoning a thing?

Be the unstoppable force in the battlefield bro

It could be an escape pod when the susanoo gets to taxing to put up
6/16/2022 c50 3ExBlazE
Ok, so I read through the one-and-only rant in the AN and yes, I do feel like leaving like many others apparently already have. But with that said, I would like to at least put out a clear cut reason for my own loss of interest in this story.

Simply put, this 'Naruto' fanfic doesn't feel like a 'Naruto' fanfic anymore. That's it.

NGL, this story has its own weird charm. It just isn't for me. Kinda wish it was but oh well. I'm following some of your other stories anyway so no big deal.
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