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6/1/2022 c55 1aperson1234567890
Gah! I've caught up! Curses! Ah well, can't be helped. I've really enjoyed the story and the only real critiques I have are minor like the rare typo. The largest one being that you occasionally seem a bit strange with the timeskips and Danzo's age. You occasionally seem to have his age jump around a bit forward and back. I recall early in the story he was stated to be 8 or 9 but I believe you at one point said he was only 7 which was a bit odd. Aside from that the story is great and I look forward to more!
6/1/2022 c50 aperson1234567890
Eldritch beings are hard to write as actually being eldritch. After all, how could someone describe a being literally beyond human comprehension. I have to say I think you did a pretty good job considering that. I always find it funny that in any fic that includes something from that mythos I have yet to see one that under sells the power of those entities. You really sold an "Oh...svibe when Danzo figured out what he was dealing with. Lastly, just wanted to say I'm enjoying the story!
6/1/2022 c42 aperson1234567890
I had thought that character was a reference to a certain shark. Confirmation got a good chuckle out of me. And the Mirai Arc shorts seem like they will be quite the laugh.
5/29/2022 c55 Frisk5896
Muy bueno
5/29/2022 c28 aperson1234567890
He was inspired by something Bizzare when making puppets eh? Ah references.
5/29/2022 c55 Guest
Okay I have got to ask this but I'm okay with this being revealed in story but what will Kojiro's sword be called? Or will the sword get a name of it's own by Kojiro overhearing stories of his deeds in the land of iron? As for this new generation of samurai I look forward to how Kojiro's story will affect them growing up but right now I'm more interested in the current and older generation of samurai.

How will Kojiro challenge these samurai and in so doing how will he change them and who will he meet along the way? I know people a calling for Kojiro to fight the Naruto universe equivalent of Miyamoto Musashi but there are more combatants then just him, heck you have a plethora of anime, video game swords-men and swords-women to choose from. True you can also construct various original characters which is all fine by me but I wanted to just point out other options cause fuck it why not.

Anyway I look forward to the continued legend of Saski Kojiro and how he will kick ass and take names all across the land of Iron before either faking his death or just vanishing from the face of the earth only to pop up here and there from time to time. But whatever happens to this identity Danzo has constructed himself I hope that the friends and rivals he makes show up again in the story when he decided's its time to but Kojiro on the bench for a bit.

I absolutely love the idea of Danzo constructing a new identity as Sasaki Kojiro and my other question is "will he make more new identities" Cause I can just see multiple legends of different great warriors, healers, merchants, whatever role he decides to take on and all of them are just Danzo in disguise being so cool. You can just imagine the seen of a group of fans in front of a string board connecting all of the little pieces and the last one clicks into place and all of them being absolutely mind blown crying out "NO WAY!" at the top of there lungs having finally cracked the mystery.

Sorry about the tangent but that image was just bouncing around in my head demanding to be shared all that aside see everyone in the next chapter.
5/27/2022 c54 Guest
What if Danzo's seal on his mother works a little too well? like instead of just one kid being born it's twins or triplets, oh boy Madara is going to love and hate Danzo so much if that happens. After all I'm sure being woken up at three in the morning by three screaming newborns isn't irritating at all and he will not blame Danzo in the least... okay maybe he will kick his ass when he gets home a "fair" bit heavy emphasis on that fair by the by.
5/28/2022 c55 TheWhatIfLover
Thanks for the update, author-sama!
5/28/2022 c55 Mistroz
Excellent chapter
5/28/2022 c55 DarkBan
Huh, so he plans on improving Konoha's tech with that of the floating temple?
Interesting segway xD
5/28/2022 c55 danielsnow
any chance he could get a samurai girl? I'm not one for really large harems, but I feel like a warrior girl would be good for him. Someone without the Shinobi mindset, and a nicely tanned six pack warrior girl just sounds like an awesome fit.
5/28/2022 c48 SPECIALGUY
So I feel like scale is an issue in your story. What I mean to say is that the internal consistency feels off. You introduce the Bijuu as active elements as well as Kaguya and other deity level entities. This generally isn't that big of an issue in most anime/manga as the protagonists generally aren't in constant interaction with higher powers, usually reserved for the big arc fight or something. But here your protagonist is constantly dealing with the higher level scope and it makes it feel as though his power is inconsistent or the universes power is inconsistent. But something in the interactions is breaking with the internal logic of the story. More problematically is that he did so from a very early point in the story and now it just feels like to have something capable of challenging him this Lovecraftian horror on top of Kaguya's family just makes the rest of the cast and world feel irrelevant as actors that basically turn everyone into Yamcha during/after the Vegeta saga. Now anyone trying to keep pace with your protagonist is going to have to go through absolutely comical growth. I mean even the original Naruto canon took an extensive period to get to the OP please nerf levels of the later parts of Shippuden. Any higher level entities were usually dealt with by similarly OP characters like Jiraiya or Hiruzen and anything Naruto himself or Sasuke dealt with was generally explained by Kyuubi/curse seal. Don't mean to be a downer but there is just something here that I feel compromises the story overall.
5/28/2022 c55 Raging Drake
Now all he needs is a Tsubame gaeshi to truly be sasaki kojiro
5/28/2022 c55 Gamma-X
Nice chapter! Mission failed successfully! Can't wait for when or if certain people in the Land of Iron find out Sasaki Kojirou is actually Shimura Danzou, heheheh.

As for your response to me, I suppose that could happen...especially when/if you scare Gura when you left it up in the air what happened to her after Bloody Shores (2) if they see it.

Also, what is this genin dream team you speak of? More OCs? Or obscure canon characters, I wonder? Obscure ones are always interesting.

Keep up the good work
Ja Ne~!
5/28/2022 c55 3coldblue2015
Thanks for updating and this is a great chapter!

Danzo/Kojiro Sasaki:

Nice! You used a "Naruto" Movie antagonist and the Land of Sky Shinobi as a way to catapult Kojiro Sasaki legend. Probably the name Kojiro Sasaki will be heard. Shinno, the Sky Base and the Zero Tails Charka Beast are on Kojiro/Danzo mind, because Steam-Punk technology that can fly a Fortress can power a City or perhaps a Nation! I have to admit, I like that Kojiro is just a mystery, but you fused bother Record of Ragnarok and Fate/Night series together. Kojiro Sasaki is just a name that Danzo/SI used, but it ties into a UNKNOWN Samurai that is nameless base on Fate/Night Anime and Manga. I just like Record of Ragnarok personality of Kojiro Sasaki shining through though...I just hope you have SI/Danzo find a mentor for a little bit to learn some interesting Kenjutsu. Hell! Look at "Rorouni Kenshin" for inspiration if you have to!

Kojiro Sasaki use of Sword to Seal a living entity into:

...Okay, cards on the table. I want Zero-Tails Charka Beast to be sealed into Kojiro/Danzo sword. Why? It kind of gives off "Inuyasha" vibes, but a Demon spirit or Charka sealed into Sword is EPIC! Plus, for all we know, the Zero-Tails Charka Beast could evolve mixed with SI/Danzo charka and Kaguya Otsuksuki charka. Hell! Nature/Senjutsu charka could be mixed into the Katana along with Elemental Affinities that could CHANGE the Zero-Tailed Charka Beast into something else. Also, SI/Danzo could seal MORE than one creature into his Sword depending on how many Movies or Side-Stories from "Naruto" you use.


1) Can we expect Danzo/Kojiro to use his Sharingan to pick up some Kenjutsu techniques in the Land of Iron by different Samurai that follow other schools besides Iado, which Samurai use mostly to cut off Shinobi ability to use Hand-Signs for Jutsu?

2) Any chance "Record of Raganork" mentor Seigen Toda to teach Danzo/Kojiro briefly of the Toda Style?

3) Will Danzo/Kojiro sword have the Zero-Tailed Chara Beast sealed in and would it evolve if Danzo mixes his charka, Kaguya charka, Senjutsu/Nature Charka and Elemental Affinities charka?

4) Can we expect the Land of Iron to gain some unexpected good-will trade with Danzo Shimura, if he finds out their farming methods in their cold environment could be improved?

5) Have you thought of using "Steamboy" as example of Steam Engine of three or four of them produce unlimited Steam for Danzo/Kojiro to find in the Land of Sky/Flying Fortress?

6) Can we expect Konoha to go a bit Steam-punk in terms of Energy/Uses?


1) Sharingan, fighting many enemies that use Sword Styles, seem to be the way to go with showing off Kojiro Sasaki genius with blade...If he suppose to be Musashi Miyamoto greatest rival. Anyway, it just seems right with Sharingan memorizing movements and putting it into Danzo/Kojiro memory to copy and use against his enemies, if not better than his enemies. I like that idea.

2) If you have to give Danzo/Kojiro a mentor, why not Seigan Toda. He could be Old Man/Blind version if you want. A famed Swordsmen/Samurai, but most his students died or moved to different parts of the Land of Iron or in the Elemental Nations. With this Blind/Old Man, he gains one last student by the name of Kojiro Sasaki. A name that will be known in the Land of Iron and Elemental Nations, with Seigan Toda being the ACTUAL teacher for Danzo/Kojiro before the Old/Blind Man dies.

Seigan taught Chujo-Ruy and was famous with Kodachi, which is a small and short sword...Something that Shinobi could use in comparison.

3) I hope the Zero-Tailed Charka Beast is SEALED in Danzo/Kojiro sword, with unexpected properties and results. A Sentient Sword, but also a evolving Charka Beast that is influenced by his Wielder and Otsutsuki Charka that connected with Danzo/Kojiro. Just image all the charka that Danzo/Kojiro imprints into the Sword and the Zero-Tailed Charka Beast actually takes imprints or evolves from different uses of Charka.

Plus, maybe the Sword uses Dark Charka, which influence bad emotions/negativity to point of causing Nightmares/Trauma...It just a idea, but a Nightmare Sword sounds awesome!

4) That is something...Kind unexpected and suspicious that Shinobi comes to help some Samurai, but I could hear Danzo Shimura name being infamous as Agriculture Genius and Business man. Sort of like opening trade, but the Land of Iron is neutral and only does business during Peace-Times and NOT war times...Plus, you wanted Danzo to expand his Markets/Business outside of Konoha.

5) The infinite Steam Engines/Balls from "Steamboy", always seem like the highest point of Steam-Technology to me. Why not have some Land of Sky shinobi scientist discover this method of creation, but to be killed by Shinno and his ALTERNATIVE battery. It just a idea, but I love it if Danzo/Kojiro found some Steam Engine Balls and realize the potential they have, along with schematics on how to produce more of them...Infinity, clean energy.

Steam Castle was powered by these Steam Engine Balls, so it could be easy for them to POWER a City or least ONE city.

6) I am all for Steampunk "Naruto", if you go that route. Kind of Alternative Energy, but one that produces results and are useful! I kind of like the idea of Konoha going off the Grid with Steam Engines and just doing good job for several decades with Steam Technology before they go into technology revolution with Micro-Chips and Shinobi Tech Armor, along with WiFi or Video Games and the horrors/connections of Social Media. I like the idea of Steam Punk Konoha with clean energy for several decades.

Keep up the good work, stay safe and stay healthy!
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