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1/21/2023 c73 vparadox12122000
Well dang, this was awesome, I'm going to miss it for a while vut all stories must end somehow.

Great work on the story dude, hope a spin-off may happen or something. A bit sad if the others just die off in the future but with enough crossovers or something like the throne of heroes they might meet again in the multiverse.

But a comedy version of this is also nice.
1/21/2023 c73 evilstatistic19
Good chapter looking forward to the sequel
1/21/2023 c73 SkullWolfSteam
kinda pissed off this ended...All you haters v tubers out there..god fucking damn it! this is why we cant have nice things! hope this gets a sequel if just to stick it to em!.
1/21/2023 c73 5DG2
Sad to hear you go. Almost like yesterday when the first chap released lol
1/21/2023 c73 frostynips
It’s a shame the story took such a bad turn. The beginning, like the first 40 chapters were amazing and then you started shifting the story to some hololive centric harem crossover. If you had stuck with naruto you would have had a great story. Sad.
1/21/2023 c73 Hadrian.Caeser
I look forward to the sequel.
1/9/2023 c72 Hadrian.Caeser
1/8/2023 c72 PasiveNox
Great chapter
1/8/2023 c72 RyusakiUchiha
All this author ever writes is overpowered SI’s with harems, but this story gave me hope for something different.

I was wrong.
1/8/2023 c72 ZZloth
This turned into a dating sim real fast. what a fking dissapointment. meh, gonna wait to see if it's gone the next few chapters.
1/7/2023 c72 WaterfallsFireflys
Harems are the great story killer.
1/7/2023 c72 evilstatistic19
Good chapter looking forward to the next one
1/1/2023 c70 gurubelj
12/25/2022 c71 3coldblue2015
Nice to read Reira Uchiha getting her game on and knows she can get a 'reaction' out of SI/Danzo Shimura.

So Reira focused on her career as Kounchi and reached Jonin Rank, but she focused on herself, and possibilities open to her.

She opens to sharing and is not going to be possessive. That not the long game plan she has going on.

The Shimura Clan has grown in dominance as a Agricultural and Market Business Chain, creating influence from Kumo to Iwa and greatly improved Suna way to develop resources to point that Suna might become a Vacation spot similar to Dubai or Egypt.

Her parents are pressuring her to marry Danzo, but she has nothing to worry about given she has this trust and emotional connection with SI/Danzo.

It is rather interesting to read Himeko Hyuga and her reflection, given that Curse Seal that the Main Clan point Seals on the Side Branch cousins and with her marriage to Danzo revolutionary Fuinjutsu, Doujutsu theft is no longer a issue...Kind of makes the read wonder how much attract Himeko has even throughout the story she 'Hugs' SI/Danzo into her pillows and has Taijutsu spars to EARN these 'Hugs'.

Keep up the good work, stay safe and stay healthy!
12/24/2022 c71 evilstatistic19
Good chapter looking forward to the next one Merry Christmas and a happy New Year
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