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4/2/2022 c50 Guest
Well to be honest the lovecraftian element seems a bit random and come out of nowhere, it literally turns off the Naruto feelings and its vibes. Anyways hope you know how to handle the lovecraftian things without completely ruining the plot. Thanks for the update.
4/2/2022 c50 sakiboy
can you make a spin of serecis of naruko fate summoning Danzo and becoming her friend/ mentor. from the omake but a series of it pleas.
4/2/2022 c50 3coldblue2015
Thanks for updating and this was a great chapter!

SI/Danzo Shimura:

I like how it went. SI/Danzo did some radical and dangerous experimentation with using Sage Charka with the use Sharingan. SI/Danzo is probably going to have to take rest period but compare to most Shinobi in this Universe...He is getting closer to being able to go take on Otsutsuki Clan members with their bullshit Charka, Kama's and ability to never stay dead. I was surprised that Ina surprise, but maybe I shouldn't. It's kind of a running theme in your stories, especially with little kids being saved by the MC. I can read Ina being adopted into Shimura Clan as the newest sister/daughter of the Clan. The Mangekyo Sharingan that SI/Danzo used was different given it did not use NEGATIVE EMOTIONS...But the Mangekyo Sharingan emotion of motivation was POSTIVE and PROTECTIVE Emotions to save Ina and stop this Eldritch Demon. The Sharingan may have come from Madara Uchiha, but I hope SI/Danzo has different Susanoo...Although, I wonder if SI/Danzo will tell Konoha everything and how can explain this to be more grounded than mentioning the Eldritch God.


1) Will SI/Danzo training his Sasunoo look different from Madara Uchiha version of Sasunoo?

2) Can we expect Ina to be accepted into Shimura Clan?

3) Have you thought of Ina marrying into Kurama Clan and being the grandmother of Yakumo Kurama, given Yakumo kekkai genkai was strong that it manifested into Demon and it could be linked back to Ina connection with the Eldritch God?

4) Is it possible that we are going to have Time Skip soon?

5) Are we going to get Jigen POV or a Otsutsuki Clan member POV soon in this chapter?

6) Will we read SI/Danzo get invited to Daimyo Court to mingle and do business with Nobles and Merchants soon?


1) I expect SI/Danzo being able to have different color to Sasunoo for Charka, but also maybe different weapon. I like Katana's, but maybe something different. It just interesting to read how SI/Danzo very on Sasunoo will evolve and change. Maybe SI/Danzo having a Sasunoo with Kusarigama or having Yumi bow and arrow or a Naginata or Sasumata Restraint bo staff. Just some ideas for SI/Danzo use of Sasunoo and unique Weapon.

2) Probably easy. It might as well be dumb question, but I do look forward to reading Ina adapting to Konoha and the Shimura Clan. It is rather interesting to read how Ina being the ONLY character that knows Danzo soul from a different Universe and the truth given the horror of the Eldritch God she dealt with.

3) I like that. Ina being Yakumo grandmother when she marries into the Kurama Clan makes sense. Kind of explaining how the Kurama Clan very won Kekkai Genkai and use Yin Charka grew stronger in Yakumo and manifested into a Oni/Demon in origin. Like Ina may have been free from Eldritch God, but is also changed Ina charka/body that it passed down generations later with Yakumo becoming very powerful with Genjutsu and the manifestation of Oni/Demon developed from her Mind being remnant of Eldritch God mind/soul.

4) I feel like we should have Time Skip. Probably getting closer to SI/Danzo growing up and years pass getting closer to 2nd Shinobi War. Maybe even read SI/Danzo meeting the FUTURE legendary Sannin that is Hiruzen Sarutobi genin team. It just would be great for this story to pick up a pace a little to get closer to start of the Cannon of "Naruto".

5) It would be great for Jigen POV or one enemy Otsutsuki Clan member that will be a major enemy for SI/Danzo. I know you are developing Jigen to be BETTER enemy than "Baruto" introduce, but I have to admit I would be open to MORE Otsutsuki Clan starting to stir up trouble. What? A Eldritch God coming to this Dimension would be notice by Otsutsuki Clan members and they send someone to check it out and actually see plan a NEW Charka Tree to eat Charka Fruit of that planet.

6) I feel that has been missing...Kind of like SI/Danzo Shimura has to get use to these Clan activities and given his success in Agriculture/Farming/Supermarkets, I feel that SI/Danzo has to visit the Fire Daimyo Court soon at least. Probably even SI/Danzo having Madara Uchiha as chaperon and teaching SI/Danzo how handle Nobles and Merchants in the Fire Daimyo Court, but also see how SI/Danzo handles the situation and dealing with Politics and forming Connections for future business.

Keep up the good work, stay safe, and stay healthy!
4/2/2022 c50 Baistro334
Idk what people are complaining about, this story is great and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.
4/2/2022 c50 redbox1
I'm here because this is a good read and at least a better context than some other fanfic I read so yeah I dig this stuff
4/2/2022 c50 Ya boi
It's a good story, and I don't mind the Hololive en members. Just make sure you handle them well in the story.
4/2/2022 c50 Guest
Oh Hashirama may grill him and I hope for the truth and I hope Kurama is in the room to back him up a little bit. Though what I hope is that Madara and Tobirama are in the office as well as Danzou is telling this story and all of it is true (minus Jigen maybe). After a moment of sheer gob smacked "what the actual fuck that happened and it was real!"

I kinda hope Madara is SUPER smug about this to Tobirama because his pupil managed to best a literal ELDRITCH DEITY! He may be publicly proud or privately but the fact that his basically adoptive son managed to kick the ass of a god is going to make him so proud, how Danzou's mother will react... yeah don't know if it's such a good idea to tell her or not but lets not. Also Danzou brought home a sister as well wonder how the family dynamic is going to shaken up by that.

Family aside I'm wonder what Kaguya will have to say when she see's Danzou next especially if she finds out about the whole "eldritch god" situation she may see fit to give Danzou a bit of a leg up in order to level the playing field a bit. What from that could take... well a powered up eyeball is obvious but thats not the only road that could be taken she has lived a long time and has a few tricks up her sleeve I'm sure.
4/2/2022 c50 Guest
Amaze chapter
4/2/2022 c50 Kapuchinikk
Thanks for chapter.
True that. I saw somewhere a 2 page long review of a fanfic (on Russian site- ficbook) . Review was on point, maybe a bit rude (ok, like a lot of cursing, but not in a bad way). I got curious of this account. What I found wasn’t pretty. It had like 50 works that… are not that good.
My point is – being a critic is a lot easier, than write and accurately judge your own work. That is why i usually withhold my opinion on things I’m not passionate about.
4/2/2022 c50 Hadrian.Caeser
Interesting way of dealing with such a creature. Nice
4/2/2022 c50 oakleaf89
Nice chapter as always
4/2/2022 c50 12Sultan Asil Arslan-Hiatus
Not gonna lie, I kinda liked the burn you gave the readers with that AN more than the chapter. And I had really liked the chapter.
4/2/2022 c50 PasiveNox
huh more sibling :) also mangekyou hohohoh nice nice great chapter
4/1/2022 c49 oakleaf89
Keep up the good work
3/31/2022 c38 Maggie
As much as I liked this fanfic, it just feels so off with how hololive members are seemingly just shoved in.
I didnt recognize Kiara at first to be honest, but Cali's plotline seemed more like an omake. It came out of the blue and for no particular reason.
And then Gura and her being controlled? What?
Also was the Kaguya storyline just a one time thing with that person or will the other clan members also show up?
It feels like youre trying to write a few different stories, crammed into one
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