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12/24/2022 c70 3coldblue2015
Man, Danzo is going to have a large family.

It is interesting to read Ina trying to make the family bigger and giving Kaguya Otsutsuki the idea that Danzo might like big boob if Hanzo does..

Which might hint that Hanzo type of girl he is looking for.

Of course, Danzo has his own pregnant Mother and this might show off to the girls how good Danzo is dealing with babies/toddlers given Hanzo and Ina were adopted as children. Not babies or toddlers, so Danzo love interests are going to be watching him closely.
12/24/2022 c71 PasiveNox
Great chapter
12/12/2022 c70 ZZloth
I remember this was some dark prominent fic that I liked. Now we have kaguya asking herself if the mc likes big boobs... like wtf.
12/11/2022 c70 Guest
12/10/2022 c70 evilstatistic19
Good chapter looking forward to the next one
12/10/2022 c36 I Love My Shovel
hololive? I'm a little slow just noticed now
12/10/2022 c70 Firescout
Will this be a harem story?
12/10/2022 c70 Bakuto Masaki
Such a nice harem. And all that is missing of the Holomyth crew is Ame still.
12/10/2022 c70 PasiveNox
Nice chapter great
12/10/2022 c70 boredasf13
last chapter repeated?
12/10/2022 c70 Ilya Avramenko
Is it me or is chapter 69 and 70 the same?
12/5/2022 c27 VulcanHajin
Hello, i leave this review because you it seems you're still on this book.

First i really love your work so far, for multiple reasons. Even if this remarrying thing is making me uncomfortable.

MOST IMPORTANT is.. Please when you answer someone in your "notes" or so-called Q&A (c27) please show what was written, it's kinda annoying to go look for the original Qs.

Have a great day and nice december

12/5/2022 c69 1Dekiru Grindelwald
Jesus this harem shit is getting annoying, I miss the old days of this fic
11/30/2022 c23 17Karmic Acumen
Black Zetsu slipped him the Kaguya Kams, didn't he?
11/29/2022 c69 Lord-Azrael3
great fic, can't wait for more!
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