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9/22 c13 Guest
Nice work. I enjoyed the journey.
9/20 c13 sweetgirl2711.cp
Great ending! Your writing is getting better. Cute Auslly ending. Maybe for a one shot you can write about their wedding or how he proposing!
9/14 c12 Guest
i loved it, i’m so glad they’re FINALLY together! i’m sad this story is coming to an end
9/13 c12 sweetgirl2711.cp
Yay! Si glad that they got together. Glad that Dez and Trish showed the video because it shows that they really care for each other!
9/8 c11 Guest
that was a really good chapter! i hope ally gets rid of fears. can’t wait for more!
9/8 c11 sweetgirl2711.cp
That good that Ally talked with Trish and Dez about Austin and that in the end Austin confirmed that he won’t leave her. Very sweet and cute!
8/31 c10 sweetgirl2711.cp
Great job! Yeah Ally is just scared to lose Austin and pvrr thinks! I like how Austin moved Trish to record a cover! Fun chapter!
8/24 c9 Guest
Amazing chapter! Looking forward to reading more
8/24 c9 sweetgirl2711.cp
I like your video concept of Welcome to the end of your life. Also liked how Auslly somewhat admitted their feelings! Great job!
8/16 c8 sweetgirl2711.cp
Great job! I like how’s it going! Great pace!
8/12 c7 Guest
Love this story so much and hope the next chapter is posted soon
8/9 c7 sweetgirl2711.cp
Glad that they can do the music video! Hopefully Austin will tell Ally how he feels because they obviously want to be together! Great job
8/6 c6 Guest
Finally had the chance to read your stories, I’m really impressed. Your writing style is really good, I can’t wait to read more from you!
8/1 c6 sweetgirl2711.cp
I like that you are giving Trish a chance to sing more. Great chapter!
7/30 c4 Guest
I realize your writing is a lot like The Truth of Auslly- both good fics! keep it up
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