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5/5 c1 14TheSparkler
I love this idea so much, omg. The way you write Adrien is so good!
12/25/2020 c1 5Whovianeverlark17
hahaha finally! sweet karma lol they took themselves down
11/28/2020 c1 Decker389
Lol, I liked it.
8/22/2020 c1 LavaLilly
I kinda wanna see how the trail goes how Adrien's life is gonna be for now on. How people are gonna take Adrien now that he's the son of a supervillain.
7/25/2020 c1 violet lilaccs
7/17/2020 c1 137KagamiPINKAgreste
Oh Nathalie. . . she could have handled that better. PLEASE THE WOMAN NEEDS REDEMPTION! SHE'S NOT TRULY EVIL!

Adrien suggesting in his rant to be "pulled out of fencing" broke my ADRIGAMI heart! Cataclysm and Dragon Lighting attacked the mansion I hoped Ryuko helped Kitty and Bug, disappointed SHE used Longg with Tikki again.

Nathalie did help Adrien get his happiness, just not the way she had thought. At least SHE'S not stupidly blind anymore. Red faced? Get used to it, Dupain-Cheng because you got Kitty he's never leaving you ever.
7/12/2020 c1 AnimexFreakz 0.o
Thank you for writing! A great read, as usual! :)
7/4/2020 c1 2Silvanon of the Orchard
Love it!
7/1/2020 c1 Maria Espinoza
Great story
7/1/2020 c1 29Rosalind2013
That was super funny! I loved it
6/30/2020 c1 22Alyce and Indi
Gahhhh I'm staying up waaaaaaaaaay too late. But this is so good! But now reading about Adrien's hyperness is making me hyper...let me re-read that passing-out sentence.
6/27/2020 c1 Guest
This made my day! It's funny to imagine all of this unfolding!
6/29/2020 c1 21mayuralover
Hahahah serious Nathalie couldn't see the sarcasm, but man, that was great!
6/28/2020 c1 131Scoobyfan4ever
Context Natalie, look at the context of things lol
6/28/2020 c1 1deathmatt144
Nathalie, seriously, learn some sarcasm for once in your life. Another great story you got here and hilarious at best with such stupid misunderstanding. Cannot wait for more stories from you
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