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for A Tale of Time and Life

5/11 c2 tawnya.penner
Great start,its coming together nicely
5/9 c12 2wsbenge
The story is ripe for some Dumbledore drama. Sirius is free, Head of Black, and viscerally knows Dumbledore abandoned him, and left his Order friends unprotected, blowing in the wind.

Dumbledore has left Harry mostly also blowing in the wind.

What will Dumbledore do?
5/9 c11 wsbenge
Good job on the Pettigrew slam dunk. Now Dumbledore needs to review his actions. He has no talent as a military or law enforcement leader.
5/8 c8 wsbenge
The story flows well for a late "trained by adversity " teen. No nonsense.
5/8 c5 wsbenge
Canon Hogwarts was unwilling to use any forensics to stop bullying.

It is the main reason for gangs. Take care of the problem yourself. My uncle was 16, carrying a .38 for actual protection. A couple of his cousins were killed.
5/8 c4 wsbenge
THE failing of humanity is the ability to lie, and the inability to recognize lies. Too bad Veritas serum has flaws.
5/8 c3 wsbenge
In Canon, Ron seems to be the average wizard who relies on magic to take care of daily needs. Like a lot of farm kids I grew up with ... they had little enthusiasm for school and had their life planned already.

Harry's going to war.
5/8 c2 wsbenge
Harry needs a lot of preparation. The Hat is a brilliant source. Dobby is essential, of course.
5/8 c1 wsbenge
Nice set up.
5/4 c12 Dartupdates
Took me 3 weeks or so to reread everything, fuck life
4/24 c12 JeanPaulVS
Bienvenido de vuelta :D
4/23 c12 1EchoWaves
Welcome back, I hope the story will give you the healing you seek as it has given me an escape. I was so very excited to see the update! Be well!
4/23 c9 chocolatedad
I like the 3D imperfect characterizations of Augusta, Amelia, and others. Most stories, if they even have character growth, only have arcs for the main characters.
Wurst typo: sedated instead of sedate.
4/21 c12 TuxedoMac
One of the reasons I like this story is because of the fact that even though you didn't mention it it is pretty much a reptile 28 challenge. If you don't know the challenge you can probably look it up just looking up reptile 28 basically Harry dies gets to come back with memories on you know stuff you've done so I really enjoy them and that's why it's like I'm going to give this one a try. I really liked it and I like it still. I think you had a lot of early on stuff that you had to get going and accomplish and even change some of the characters up to be how you want them to be and I think that helps work out a story quite a bit better. I also like really the touch of elemental magic I really do something that you just don't see it enough of and I think you're working it really well for this is how you start and you know working up the things. I was questioning how long between chapters it might be since this was the first chapter I tuned in for and then you'd said oh it'd been a while so I'm hoping that you're well enough to keep it up and that you enjoy it. I know I'm going to add you to my bookmark so I will try to keep up with the updates as you get them out. I think you're doing a wonderful job and I can't wait for what comes next. You have a good one .

4/21 c12 4johnny o binome
Your story is really good and I'm glad you're continuing it even if it has been a long time. But don't I've read other fanfiction and published works that had a longer break between updates
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