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2/19/2022 c35 DrinkThemIn
Ha, I had thought I missed something. Mari certainly had an enjoyable day! Well now, Rob, you’re going to be taking our Mari off to sea? Maybe you’d better write first. ;)

I love that Hugh is becoming comfortable with a nurturing setting, and I love even more that Marilla instinctively knew what he needed. It took her a while, in canon, but of course she got there!
1/25/2022 c34 Guest
I love this story. You are my favorite writer.
I understand you are busy but I wanted to tell you that I miss the more frequent updates on this story. It has so many possibilities…
1/15/2022 c13 Caraea90
Eh this definitely shouldn’t be rated K…
1/2/2022 c34 DrinkThemIn
I’m curious now about so much! The tapping in the barn? And ADA? I’m already sneering at her!
1/2/2022 c34 Guest
Oh no, i fear Ada is another hindrance to Shirbert. Granted, Anne is always annoying to an extent and I do wish she could get over herself, but still.
12/14/2021 c33 6Chicken Whisper
Hugh is so sad! Im glad he finally found a safe place, poor lad. Of course Marilla might be angry at first but how could she stay angry? Im glad that everything is starting to get resolved.
12/11/2021 c33 DrinkThemIn
Well so much again!
Oh, the Annest of Anne’s is here and ready to tear into Gilbert. Best let that cool off, Gil…and what are you weaving?!

This backstory for Hugh us just sad. It goes to show that orphans aren’t necessarily the worst off. Poor lad, I’m so glad he’s found home. You know, in Road to Avonlea one if the main characters (Felicity) opens a loving Foundling Home in her adulthood. It reminds me a bit of this. They’re collecting people who need the love. Green Gables has those rooms…

John’s letter was so dear. Ugh. Breaks my heart. Come on, prairie cure!
12/5/2021 c32 DrinkThemIn
Ah, I’ve been waiting and it was so good to dive back in to this. All of this was 10/10. You’re really a magnificent writes for I can’t decide which was my favourite bit.

So, finally things on the island are as stable as possible and Gilbert reports no change…so perhaps we will see this family reunited soon? It’s you, and therefore I know better than to think that life will remain stable for too long. It was nice to have an overall sense of calm though!
8/16/2021 c31 Chicken Whisper
Tis a shame how the forced children to write with their right hand back then, tsk tsk. Marilla is a ballast, but what she is missing is her support rod. I am excited for this new bairn though. How will she react with the new boy under matthews wing? Ooo suspenseful!
7/10/2021 c30 Guest
I love this story- so different and unpredictable. I know you’re working on other stories-which I also enjoy- but I hope you get back to this one soon. I really miss it.
5/4/2021 c30 Chicken Whisper
Whew, that was crazy! Poor Marilla is really having the time of it being a partially single mother. Glad that Johnny is going home though. Hoo-ra, Matthew and Anne!

I have added a new chap to Why Fit In, though I think its lacking in something.
4/29/2021 c30 Denie1943
This is an outstanding story and I'm so looking forward to Anne and Gil coming together. Thanks for sharing. Please stay well!
4/28/2021 c1 Mimiyuh
This book is an amazing first in a series that shows great promise. If you have some great stories like this one, you can publish it on Novel Star, just submit your story to or
4/27/2021 c30 DrinkThemIn
Action packed chapter! I had to look up Oakum Picking and I must agree that it’d have to be the worst job.

You wrote his fear of climbing so marvellously. I don’t know what’d be worse, the task itself or the knowledge that he is completely disposable.

Matthew sailing on the high seas! You’re forever giving me little bits that I want more of. It’d be delightful to read about his experiences, too. I don’t think Matthew would have ever taken a train to the other side of his island, never mind boarding a ship and sailing near the equator. He’d do anything for family and you’ve articulated that well so many times.

Well, I hope Johnny will be happier. That nice dose of reality should help, although the reality at home is still not so fun but at least he can be a bit of a kid there.
4/22/2021 c29 DrinkThemIn
Johnny is quite mixed up. I feel for him - it’s difficult to have no control over ones life. Such is the life of children from big families - it takes big actions to be noticed. Purposefully endangering his brother is just so terrible though. I hope that the dose of reality brings him closer to the live of his family and not some hardened boy-man.

I wonder how these kids will cope. Their time on land had not been at all as happy as their time on sea. John better get well soon so Marilla’s not despairing over managing it all!
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