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for Eternal Tails: Chaos Calamity

11/19/2020 c31 22Cytisus
Just when you think this place can't get any weirder ... you get (literal) violent rain! Have to concur with the double-edged 'terrible night' Tails is about to experience, never mind how incredibly collected he has remained in the face of all this chaos.
BTW, I was totally snickering at Sonic's guidance re: crazy humans with fake animal ears hoping to pick up Tails. :D Good advice indeed!
11/7/2020 c29 1CollecT
Oh boy, here come the weapons chests. I feel like Miles would be a ranger if he had a choice. Ammunition is much easier to understand than your soul feeling empty or full.
10/31/2020 c28 9AndTails
Hey look, new characters! And humans to boot? And who is this Maria character? Lots of stuff goin' on in this one. Hopefully the next chapter provides more context.

Cute for Tails to call himself Fiona, though. I enjoy the ET!canon where Tails can easily fool others around him to think he's a girl.
10/31/2020 c27 22Cytisus
Man, these worlds have become insane!
The last few chapters have been so foreboding (despite me laughing at Tails' blunt "can someone stop being spooky for ten minutes" snark), and even with Cosmo explaining about the need of a patron, it definitely feels like the pieces haven't quite come together yet.
Sonic is so out of his element, despite trying to fix things as he usually does, pseudo-Tails is probably another monkey wrench in the plot, and I have a feeling Big isn't going to like that "fish" he pulled out of the water...
The mystery of this story is awesome, and how it connects to your others makes it feel very climatic for the series. Super interested in seeing how this continues!
10/27/2020 c27 9AndTails
That reunion between Sonic and "Tails" was truly heartfelt! I can't wait until Sonic learns the truth (assuming he truly does)!
10/24/2020 c26 AndTails
Dark...definitely dark. I could definitely imagine Cosmo monologuing this within cannon character. Also sounded biblical in style and tone, as if her words are destined to come to pass.

But will Miles heed Cosmo's advice at the end? Probs not. lol
10/23/2020 c25 AndTails
Glad to see Cosmo didn't just kick him out of her treehouse! Is she finally warming up to him? Realizing that, perhaps, he can undo whatever damage he will do? And what's up with that purple stuff? Is she infected, too?

Either way, I'm super ecstatic for Cosmo's return!

Great chapter! Tails' self-reflection was written well. Certainly another good break from the thrill of the prior chapter. The explanation provided as to how Miles saved Sonic from Terraria land was also sufficient, although I'm bummed that he won't be joining him on his quest.
10/18/2020 c24 AndTails
Miles and Sonic are finally reunited! I bet the thing that entered the blue hedgehog during his prior fight on the Helix transformed him into...whatever he is now, but at least he retained his personality!

While some of the detail was a bit too metaphysical for me to follow (or perhaps I'm just too slow on the uptake), I got the gist of things by the end. As per usual, Miles risked life and limb (literally), and put his brain to good use, to save Sonic's life. The light fluff was certainly a good break from all the dreariness as of late. :P

Of course, this is ET, so maybe I shouldn't get my hopes up too much, but it'd be interesting to see if they team up in their quest to escape this world and put things back together. Maybe they'll even encounter Cosmo again? #winkwink
10/16/2020 c23 AndTails
I like these little diary-like update chapters you post from time to time. Definitely a good breather between your more action-packed chapters, especially the last one. Plus, chapters like this give us a deeper understanding of the Terraria and ET lore, which I find entertaining.

Good work!

By the way, thanks for reaching out to discuss my confusion regarding the prior chapter. Your clarifications really helped!

(And for others reading this, Pantalion is willing to entertain any and all questions about their works. Don't be shy!)
10/14/2020 c22 Somelamename
this fic is making me say what repetedly and im not sure anymore if its from suprise or confusion ethier way im enjoying this and its what matters
10/14/2020 c22 AndTails
Ooof, Reason is more ruthless than one would realize! The murderous takedown of each of the bunnies was well written.

I am a bit confused as to what happened to Reason!Amy at the end, and where past Tails came from, and if Reason!Sept (?) is the one reassuring Amy!Amy at the end or if Reason!Amy is talking to herself subconsciously. Are these things intentionally vague to build suspense? Either way, hopefully things will be cleared up going forward!
10/12/2020 c21 1CollecT
It's been awhile since I played Terraria but I do like your descriptions of the Skeletron drops, even giving the pet some usefulness instead of it just being a cosmetic. Only things I'm missing are giant crabs and that "blackshard" item Tails has. Maybe that stuff is from Terraria mods; I only play vanilla anyway.
10/11/2020 c21 9AndTails
The spooky scary skeleton is just in time for Halloween! :P

Definitely some ominous tidings in this chapter. Hopefully there are no long-term repercussions for putting on that glove...
10/11/2020 c20 1CollecT
I really like how you've taken care into describing the Lost Hex and how it functions on an environmental level with the snow and ice and water. Makes it more of an interesting locale than Lost World itself could.
10/10/2020 c20 9AndTails
It's the Eggman! With...the master plan?

Glad to see Shadow surviving the zombie apocalypse. A nice little update regarding our favorite edgy hedgehog :P
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