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for Eternal Tails: Chaos Calamity

9/2/2020 c13 9AndTails
I really like this one!

You do a great job of writing Amy. Definitely believable within the context of the Sonic canon. Your descriptions of Tails' workshop and his bedroom were also well done, as well as the fight sequence with the zombie hedgehog. The fact that Amy knew exactly how to activate Miles' security system potentially means the return of Reason, who embedded apart of herself into the pink hedgehog in a previous ET installment? Either way, I can't wait to see how Amy discovers this part of herself, assuming she does at all.

Unfortunately no Tails here, but the chapter was fun to read all the same!
9/1/2020 c13 1mulberri
I love your writing style so much! Every time I read it it's like I'm totally immersed in the story, and most people who have that talent choose not to spend their time on fanfiction, so I'm grateful that you're sharing your ideas with us :)

I also really loved the security system that Tails set up. It's so Tails-ish. It's perfectly thought out and in the most efficient method, just like Tails would make it. I can imagine him building it and his thought process behind it.

Not exactly sure what's going on with the zombies, but I'm excited to find out! They'll add a lot to the story.
8/20/2020 c12 9AndTails
I don't think we've ever had a fighting sequence quite like this in the ET saga thus far. It was very good! Definitely disturbing, but that was to be expected, especially Rouge's poisonous kiss near the end. Surprised to see Knuckles both fighting Sonic *and* the others who were attacking him and Shadow. So they're not on the same side, or are they competitively vying for Mother's attention? And could this "Mother" be related to the one in Bad Seed?

Looking forward to reading further to find out!
8/20/2020 c12 LordChico
Oh dang. That fight scene really looked like a nightmare to fight. Lovely new body horror. Rouge really got the worst of it.
8/14/2020 c11 AllRhodes
Poor Miles. Poor Knuckles. Really just poor everybody. Still love the horror and dark aspects of the story. Can't wait to see how (or if) Tails escapes, and if Knuckles can somehow be returned to his normal form.
8/8/2020 c11 22Cytisus
Holy chaos, this is getting terrifying. Poor Knuckles D:
And despite his good deeds, even Cosmo's doppelganger/sister is blaming Tails for their world ending, which definitely leaves you wondering what the heck happened in the first place. Considering it's taking over his home world as well, now (not to mention a certain echidna), hopefully there's something to be done to reverse it...
8/8/2020 c11 9AndTails
Ooo, another interesting interaction that we never get to see in the canon: Tails and Galaxina! Too bad she was infected...or infested? Either way, she, too, harbored some sort of resentment or blame toward I'm *really* wanting to know what he did/will do that caused/will cause this world to enter decay.

Also, Shadow's pistols Chaos Spear. Fight me irl.

Had to Google that foreign language text, but all I got were things about Lovecraft and I assume that's where you pulled those lines from? XD. In any case, I'm not sure how Tails could cure Knuckles after his body got ripped apart. Maybe he could give Reason a call? :P
8/8/2020 c11 LordChico
Ah yes. The body horror! An Eternal Tails story can't go without some nice horror!
8/7/2020 c10 1Blue Pterodactyl
I forgot what creature imitates a crying person, but whoever it is, Tails is in for another fight. Poor guy. One thing I really like about this fic is that you are exploring how the other characters are reacting to Tails's actions. It's really interesting to read so far!
8/4/2020 c10 HavalTheRock
what is up with the red eye ?
8/2/2020 c10 LordChico
I haven't played Terriaria in so long so I'm not going to get half of these references but that heart he bit into sounds horrid.
8/2/2020 c10 HavalTheRock
I need more.
8/2/2020 c10 9AndTails
Can't wait to see Shadow in action, especially teaming up with Sonic to attempt to save Miles.

Also, I loved the vivid detail you gave to Tails' consumption of the crystal heart. The crunch of the exterior surface and the actual blood within...stuff you don't think about when actually playing games like Terraria. Definitely gross, but certainly fitting.

I'm curious to see what transpires with the crying in the distance. Something seems a bit fishy here...almost as if they *know* Miles can be lured in by the cries of a damsel in distress...
7/31/2020 c9 AllRhodes
Great as always. Viewing the perspective of Big is always fun, as well as a little Tails abuse.
7/25/2020 c9 22Cytisus
Well that was downright terrifying! Not sure if "Mother" is homage to Happy Days or if that's a Terraria thing too, but I'm not sure I want to find out. :P And it's a good thing Tails has that healing liquid, considering how often he's getting brutalized! Whether he thinks it or not, he's still pretty selfless in his adventuring, even if it means doing something stupid in the process (i.e. blindly chasing after a voice calling for help, when he isn't faring much better himself).
Hehe, the hand thing reminded me of Deadpool, in a way. :D
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