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for Eternal Tails: Chaos Calamity

7/24/2020 c9 LordChico
I love the addition of Big in this story! He always has the much more laidback part of the chapter. Hope Knuckles will be okay.
7/24/2020 c9 9AndTails
Yay, a three part chapter!

Once again, great depiction of Big the Cat. His interactions with Amy were great.

Ah yes, I think Miles was a bit overdue for some good ol' dismemberment. It wouldn't be an Eternal Tails story without it! XD. Too bad for his glove, though...apparently hands can be regrown but the glove...not so much. RIP. Excited to see who the mystery girl is...maybe Cosmo?

And finally...are we gettin' SpiderKnux? Super creepy, but definitely fits the aesthetic you're going for in this fic.
7/16/2020 c8 AllRhodes
Just recently discovered this story and I really enjoy your writing style. I like seeing the perspective of other characters here, but also with a nice focus on Tails. I can't wait for more!
7/14/2020 c8 AndTails
Without Cosmo by his side, who's gonna heal Miles' burn? T.T

To the surprise of nobody, though, he keeps chuggin' along. Interested to see if the caretaker is hidden somewhere in the ruin (and how much Tails abuse will occur before they finally meet...).

Great fight scene with the mummies! Glad to see Miles hasn't lost his touch, even if he no longer practices his combat.

And here comes Knuckles! Definitely interested to see how he'll interact with the emo Zeti, something we certainly weren't treated to in Lost World. And I love how "Penders" is now a euphemism! XD

And of course, you *can't* end a Knuckles-centric section without his most memorable quote:

"Oh no!"
7/12/2020 c7 22Cytisus
Ouch, Eggman's words were rather harsh, but by game-canon standards fairly accurate. It's pretty interesting to see both sides of the storyline here, rather than just Tails' view, and it definitely seems like he may be needing their help to get back home this time around, unless this caretaker that Cosmo speaks of has some answers.
And can't blame Eggman on the pajamas and duvet: everyone needs those mental health days!
7/11/2020 c7 9AndTails
I enjoyed your take on Dr. Eggman. Definitely felt genuine and within character. In particular, I loved the scene where Eggman predicted Sonic's spindash well enough to time his trap just right. It was both hilarious and clever!

As someone who is not super knowledgeable of Terraria lore, I think you described the desert atmosphere quite well. Wonder what'll happen to the poor fox next...
7/7/2020 c6 AndTails
I love how Miles' first thought when saving the bunny was "What kind of sick weirdo wasted perfectly good explosives on torturing fuzzy animals?". The emphasis on "perfectly good explosives" definitely fits ET!Miles to a tee.

Given what is likely to come, Miles will make good use of his new sciencey weapon. Whether it helps him save the future/past/present or doom it is still up in the air. Either way, good choice of armament for the young kitsune!

And I'm not ashamed to admit that it's kinda breaking my heart how much Cosmo loathes Miles in this story. T.T

Can't wait to read the next installment!
7/7/2020 c6 LordChico
Oh damn.
7/5/2020 c5 22Cytisus
Whoa, this in an interesting continuation of your series! I am admittedly not familiar with Terraria, but do enjoy how you've incorporated Cosmo into its world. Her instant anger at Tails for something he is unaware of definitely rings of his mantra "time travel is the worst", and I'm interested to see how this world falls into that plot!
I am especially enjoying your POV from the rest of the team, from Sonic's worry and his reasoning to leaving Tails behind on their recent escapades, the still-not-quite-sure-if-Amy-or-Reason still doing her thing, and even Knuckles' sudden leadership role (I think that one's the most interesting!). Even your clipped words for Big was pretty spot-on and enjoyable.
And those Cream rabbits don't exactly sound like they have good intentions planned! Between it and the chaos spikes, there's a whole lot of mystery to unravel here!
7/5/2020 c5 9AndTails
I enjoyed how your third-person description of Big's thoughts sounded as if they came from his own mind. I read it as if he was talking himself. :P

And we finally get an update on the poor Cream clones! I was wondering how they were doing up there in space...

Looking forward to seeing how Knuckles' plan plays out! I'll be especially interested to see if the gang will make it to Terraria to help Miles or if he'll have to fend for himself (or, at least with the aid of Cosmo).
7/3/2020 c4 AndTails
Ohh man, if Cosmo is *this* upset with Miles, he must've done something really bad in the past (...or future?). Definitely within character, though, to see her healing him up, even when he was the likely cause for the world's impending doom.

I also loved the unexpected appearance of Big, perhaps the most hated character in the entire Sonic universe. I think your rationale for having him pilot the Tornado 2 was totally reasonable, especially if Sonic's only flying experience was piloting the original Tornado which, at this point, would've been some time ago. The only one missing was Big's co-pilot: Froggy. XD

Happy to see Sonic share some of the spotlight in this chapter! I mean...he generally hogs it, but I enjoy your take on the character in the ET series. We don't get enough of Sonic showing concern and care for his little bro in the canon, so I'm glad we're seeing it here.
7/2/2020 c3 AndTails
Super excited to see Cosmo make her first debut in Eternal Tails! Assuming things play out similarly between Tails and Cosmo as they did in the anime (which, given how well Pantalion subverts expectations, is a huge assumption), I can't imagine what will be more heart-wrenching: the end of season 3 or the end of this story. T.T

Excited to read more! I mean, who could be disgusted at the sight of Tails?
7/1/2020 c3 LordChico
Ah. A Cosmo. That leaves me wondering if this is the Cosmo I'm thinking about or a different Cosmo, y' know, considering her reaction to him. I'm not all that familiar with Terriaria but I have a suspicion that it may be the latter.
6/30/2020 c2 AndTails
Wait...did Zeena just get Rick Roll'd? XD

Poor Miles...he can't even make it past chapter 2 without getting injured. I suppose this is the fate of ET!Miles, after all...

An awesome chapter! Clever and engaging writing, as per usual. We didn't really get to see Tails and Zeena interact much in Lost World, thus making their clashing personalities all the more memorable here.

And, of course, we need to be wary of Miles when armed with any improvised weapon, pencils included.
6/28/2020 c1 AndTails
As someone who has played some Terraria in the past, I think you chose an excellent franchise for this cross-over continuation of Eternal Tails. It offers a new, interesting setting without requiring much, if any, backstory for readers who may not be familiar with the game. Good choice! I'm eager to see what crafts Miles makes to aid in his adventure, and it'll definitely be interesting to witness how he fares against the monsters of Terraria, especially if he digs his way down to Hell.

I'm excited to see how things play out here. By the end of Chronos Divide, one of the remaining cliffhangers was how Miles would deal with the Cream clones, so I'm glad this is being addressed in this sequel! It’ll also be interesting to see if Amy’s implant is relevant to this story (which I assumed contained a bit of Reason that she passed down when recreating Miles’ pals), but we shall see!

Good luck with the story! I’m looking forward to seeing where you take Eternal Tails from here.
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