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for Legends are just stories, right? (rewrite)

9/16 c4 xXCuriousPandaXx
Is it just me (like seriously. Is it my phone or sth?) or is chapter 4 the same as chapter 3 while the actual content of chapter 4 is missing and the Storyline thus jumping to chapter 5?

But that aside: I like the beginning ;)
9/10 c6 ro781727
Oh boy, a reunion with Elrond. Did he know her parentage?
9/2 c5 ro781727
Typical for Thranduil to lie to her about her father! I hope Legolas didn’t know the truth too, it would be nice that she had one family member on her mother’s side who didn’t deceive her. So have they been ambushed by an orc pack or by elves? Please update soon!
8/20 c4 ro781727
I saw that part about her father coming! A perfect twist!
8/15 c3 ro781727
It seems Rin leaves an impression wherever she goes! Oh boy, she’ll freak when she learns that Dol Guldur isn’t abandoned and she technically came close to being captured.
7/3 c2 ro781727
Nice bit with her parents, looking forward to reading her interactions with individual members of the Company.
6/29 c1 6savethemadscientist
Interesting story so far. I look forward to reading more.

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