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5/9 c117 Louise Hess
Thank you so much for the update
5/6 c117 janeandmaura05
uh oh i can see trouble brewing with kent and constance she wan ts kent to prescribe drugs for her and poor tommy ass man lol frankie and susie is cute is a good match
5/2 c116 Dana Green
Great seeing this wonderful story continue and getting better I missed that one.
It was a great idea to include the world championship series, and the family's time as well.
As always love to see Razzies interactions with each other and with others, it is lovely. I do think that maybe Frankie is rushing a little bit with sussie but we will see.
Please try and update sooner than before, thanks for posting and making progress:)
4/30 c116 Louise Hess
Great Chapter - somehow I think you are stiring the pot with Angela, Korsak and Ron . . . hmmm

Glad to see Frankie and Susie engaged.

Thanks again
4/30 c116 Tingtorn78
Yay for Frankie and Susie. Something is going on with Kent... I don’t know I don’t trust him. And I really dislike Ron. Korsak was a Detective for many years, he ain’t no fool.
4/29 c116 sweetkid45
Awesome Chapter
4/29 c116 janeandmaura05
a pair of lips on his ass lol i wanna see kent get someone to love
4/19 c115 Dana Green
I love catching up with wonderful story, loved the suprises of the twins, I didn't see that one coming , good surprise indeed;)
Do you know how much I love reading about Rizzles and their arguments, teasing, back and forward, I am enjoying myself so mush with that.
Great to see all the Rizzoli family in love, I love Jane's conversations with frost, Frankie, it was well written as always and it is nice to see frost realize that he love Tommy.
Thanks again for your dedication to us, your story is such a good one;)
4/18 c115 Louise Hess
Thanks for the update
4/18 c115 Tingtorn78
Yay, to having twins! I’m concerned about Maura though. I hope she doesn’t ignore the dizziness and headaches for too long. And yes the argument was wow
4/17 c115 janeandmaura05
we cant have that too much testosterone lol
4/17 c115 sweetkid45
Awesome Chapter I can't wait to fine out what sex the babies are.
4/16 c111 sally rally
Lot of tension going on here.
4/14 c114 Rainbow
I don’t review as fast as you write new chapters...shame On me! This is an incredibly description of Maura’s and Jane’s emotions. Thank you
4/13 c114 Louise Hess
Thanks for the update
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