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for Undeniable Feelings

8m c17 78pepperonychanny
If you reviewed this story I'm not upset that you guys are upset and angry with what happened.
What Jane did was unforgivable, Maura is not going to go easy on her for what Jane had done. I fucked things up and I know this. Maura doesn't and wouldn't take what happened lightly.
It was in the heat of the moment and at the end of the chapter when she was alone she started to feel bad, I should have put those thoughts in the chapter. But she called her dad because he abandoned Angela and then got with a younger woman and figuring out how he could do it will open her eyes but it won't excuse her actions.
And idk if you guys will see this but sometimes I know people read what other people reviewed in stories, I do sometimes as well. And wanted to clarify she didn't technically cheat on Maura because they were taking a break until she got closure from Dean, sorry if that wasn't clear.
1h c17 sally rally
Wtf. No effin way. Not in a million years. How would she feel if Maura did Ian or Garrett one last time?
2h c17 CosmoKiwi
Why did her and Gabriel have to have sex?
Sorry I don’t understand why.
Why hurt Maura that way?
Jane and Gabriel could of just talked things through.
5h c17 janeandmaura05
oh boy topsy turvey jane is in hell lol and shes hurt maura so badly
10h c17 silvia40
What the fuck is that chapter? Jane to close with man fucks him and then is better ? come on, you didn't understand anything about love. Like many others I'm out. Congratulations fià the story was weak now it sucks.
11h c17 Jane Rizzles
Sex with Dean give Jane, the calm she was looking for, give me a break, and now you are going to make Maura understand her and be with her, happy ending, oh please.
This is absolutely so unbelieveable but your story, I am out.
11h c17 Guest
How to manage to destroy a character.
I am out.
11h c17 Dana Green
I am out , jane would never have behave like this after all .
Sorry I can't read this.
I can't get why writers choosing to write absolutely great story and destroy it after 17 chapters why make the readers so invested and then make them do something so out of character, it make me so mad. Jane was not ready to sleep with Maura who she love but she had no problem let Dean fuck her and cheat on Maura, give a break. She would never do that.
I can't read any more!
12h c17 Guest
No longer reading this, I’m out
13h c17 toplessbottom
Seriously? I'm out
8/3 c16 sally rally
Angela needs to but out. Leave Jane and Maura alone. Thank you for the new chapter.
8/3 c16 Louise Hess
Good Chapter - all characters involved. Will be glad to finally have closure with Gabriel. Hope all is going to be well with Maura.
8/3 c16 janeandmaura05
oh boy out with it jane it will be like spilling fine wine down ur front lol
8/2 c15 sally rally
Thank goodness we got Maura back. I hope she's okay. Hurry back please. And thank you for this. Nice work.
8/2 c15 janeandmaura05
hes was such a tool being used just like he used jane karmas a bitch lol
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