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for Undeniable Feelings

9/2 c41 Louise Hess
Thanks for another great chapter
9/2 c41 RedAwesomely
9/2 c41 Dana Green
You my friend, outdid yourself, I think that was one of the best chapter I read in this wonderful story, even the best one yet.
Great talk between Jane and Maura, so glad they open up to one another with actually listening to one another, all the insecurities of Jane was great describe and Maura as well in her reaction to her.
Looking forward to the wedding and by the way you became great in writing smut as well ;)
9/1 c40 janeandmaura05
jane is always gonna have a problem with angela and vince
9/1 c40 Louise Hess
Great Chapter - - cannot wait for next update. Thanks again for sharing it
9/1 c40 sally rally
Very sweet. Nice work and thank you.
8/31 c39 Louise Hess
another good chapter - - thanks again
8/31 c39 janeandmaura05
and we all thought rizzolis were bad but martins are giving them a good showing lol
8/30 c39 sweetkid45
8/30 c39 sally rally
Nice work. I enjoyed it very much. I love long chapters. Thank you.
8/29 c38 Tingtorn78
Hoping everything goes well for Angela. It’s gotta be scary. Korsak is a good man. I can’t wait to see more interaction between them all
8/29 c37 Tingtorn78
Lol! I knew it! And I was right. Jane is PISSED!
8/29 c38 Louise Hess
Enjoying this story - - thanks again
8/29 c38 sally rally
That was a great chapter. Very well done. I love the longer chapters.
8/28 c38 sweetkid45
Awesome Chapter
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