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for Only It Wasn't

2/15 c1 8survivor10
Hello, Wishing-for-a-Wand, I LOVE what you have done here! I was gripped by each character's account of their homecoming. Each account felt so real, so authentic, and you channelled each character's inner voice perfectly - I could just hear each character saying what you had written! My husband and I have been re-watching MASH on our DVDs in recent months after a considerable hiatus from the show. We've been loving every minute of it! Thanks again for 'Only It Wasn't' - it captured many ways that the aftermath of war is felt after a person comes home, only they don't. But they come home to a new place and hopefully find peace and contentment and the ability to live with what has been.
7/6/2020 c1 TLWtlw
I know that some of Potter's, Klinger's, and Mulcahey's difficulties were touched on in "AfterMASH".
6/29/2020 c1 1Sarai

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