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for Avatar: Legend of Midoriya

1/15 c7 3B1ack0ut
This is a well written story in my opinion. Even if the story moves onto the main plot quickly it’s not a result of lazy writing. You gave him his clear self discovery about who he is but didn’t reveal all of it at once, just necessary to inspire him to train. Other stories revolving around Avatar Izuku seem to have him immediately overpowered so it’s nice to see him constantly learning, improving, and have clear weaknesses. I especially like the subplot of All Might investigating his past because of suspicion. Seems like a likely reaction. I personally hope that Leafy shows up to be Izuku’s more personal ‘spirit guide.’ A common thread in Avatars is that they usually had an animal sidekick that stuck around. It could also be played off in the sense that because the spirit portals are closed off no one else could see her besides the bridge (Izuku.) Great story, living where it’s going, and hope for more.
1/10 c7 Blaze1992
So far this is a really fun story and love the bending angle.
I have 3 questions.

1st Will he make/commission the various weapons/gears the people in the avatar shows used, like sokka's boomerang or Asami's tazer glove?

2nd Any chance of him finding a dojo that teaches chi bending along with mai's skills with throwing weapons?

3rd What are the chances of a animal companion since in MHA there is some talk of quirk effected animals?
1/4 c4 Kyrianae Narii
May I posit a theory on the possibility of Izuku re-establishing a connection with all the prior Avatars? If such a thing was in the cards I'd imagine the possibility of such a thing occuring might not happen until after or as a result of Izuku fixing the portals between the spirit and mortal realms... A sort of spiritual jump start to reconnect the threads of his past lives... Though perhaps even then he'd have to work on untangling the threads one by one starting with Aang and working backwards from there to restore his past selves to how they're supposed to be...

Anyway loving the story looking forward to read the rest of the chapters you've uploaded so far.
1/1 c7 2ProjectIceman
I guess Korra took over for a bit because Katsuki was using a nuke against him?
1/1 c7 D3lph0xL0v3r

WOW! Korra just manifested herself to Bakugou. . .

I Knew that Inko once saw Korra; But How Did Bakugou see her?!
1/1 c6 majesticmanggojuice
Oop.. Mineta dead. Well it's one way to patch up Horikoshi's plot hole.
1/1 c7 1EternallyIll
Very nice! To be honest, I like this more than the Toph Beifong story haha so I'd rather you focus on this one anyways. Happy New Year and keep it up :)
1/1 c7 timijaf
Great chapter
12/31/2020 c7 4AnimeKing6
No problem. That was a pretty good chapter. Nice touch with All Might unable to find the room Izuku was inside of. Not to mention brief images of Korra during the fight against Bakugo. Now all that’s next in major event would be the USJ attack. I wonder how Shigaraki is going to react to Izuku’s powers as the Avatar. I mean the Nomu would push Izuku into the Avatar State I believe.
12/31/2020 c7 1Wizardwolf 1020
I still hold onto hope that Izuku will change his hero attire to a more traditional Avatar style outfit with some robes and stuff like Avatar Wan as he develops more as a bender and the Avatar, such as getting rid of the respirator when he learns to bend air bubbles while under water or gain good enough air breath control with his air bending that it will allow him to breath fine while in smoke. No hero suit can pay homage to the Avatar and its origins like the traditional attire. Plus the cape... just does not work, I’m sorry but it’s just odd. Besides heroes currently are not turning out to be the valiant defenders Izuku imagined them to be so it would make sense if he decides to deviate from them and their style to the traditional Avatar style to symbolize his individuality and choice to go down the path of the “Avatar” than the path of the “Pro Hero”. Even All Might, his idol, is turning out to be more of a short sighted and narrow minded fool that’s only now considering Deku and Bakugou as “successors” instead of you know... viewing all the hero students as “successors” as well as essentially making himself alone the symbol of peace when it’s smarter to have multiple people be symbols of peace but because he made it him alone. It both shows his lack of faith in others as well as arrogance as he would’ve had to have believed in his own strength to put such a burden on himself with it taking AFO to bring him back down to Earth.
Anyways, my point is that Avatar Deku wearing a hero costume instead of a Avatar style traditional attire just feels... wrong in a way as the power is very ancient and mystical with all the past incarnations wearing traditional clothing so it’s just weird for Deku the be “that one” that wears a hero costume as well as the fact that it’s becoming apparent that being a Pro Hero is less of being a keeper of peace and balance and more of a enforcer of the governments laws, and we’ve seen plenty of times in both real life and fiction how the governments laws are not the best or hell even good for everyone and everything. Him becoming a Pro Hero will essentially mean he becomes a lap dog for the government, something he may soon realize isn’t a good thing when he’s ordered by oppressive governments to quell and destroy rebellions or revolutions.
12/31/2020 c7 Sithlord-6666
perhaps, but lets not forget that who the bender is defines which element is used;
fire is power from desire and will
earth is substance through diversity and strength
air is freedom (and good hummer)
water is change (community and love)
so realistically she would be water
12/24/2020 c1 1lockjaw675
love it, can't wait for the next update
12/13/2020 c6 idiotpineapple
I just bingeread this whole fic! I love it so much already! Anyway quick question, now that the Avatar has returned, will people start being like "born" as benders again?
11/25/2020 c5 1NoahRed
honestly I feel you're wasting your time showing Uraraka side of the story it's easier if you only focus on midoriya and better too
11/24/2020 c6 2Kisa tracer
Ok first off it’s a great story and I think you have blended the two together perfectly. Keep up the good work. Can’t wait to read the next chapter.
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