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for (Romeo x Juliet) Rewrite The Stars (Luke Castellan)

9/22 c6 Three123
thank gods u finally updated but is the whole story going to be stretched into 5PJO books like this cuz then it will be super boring!
what will be the difference between siren and Percy may be like Percy is a better warrior like as in a sword fighter but siren is more powerful with her powersthan Percy in the books
will Luke be 19 and siren 12 cuz then it will be a very long age gap..
9/22 c1 Three123
and also u have been updating other books of urs so plzzzzzzzzz... update soon
9/22 c4 Three123
can u plz update this book it sounds really amazing just by the dialogues!
and plz don't write an entire book about each every event it becomes boring just mention the details of Luke and siren.
does she have different powers than Percy and is she gonna be more connected to the sea as she is the first daughter of Poseidon that is if she is the first daughter as Poseidon usually doesn't have daughters
6/29 c2 Thepinksky18
We understand your choice 3 Take all time you need

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