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2/24 c19 Kamen Rider Awesome
When’s the next chapter? When are you going to finish this story?
1/27 c19 Guest
What happens to the next pages
1/8 c19 Thejelliclechoic
When was this made ?
1/7 c19 hooon
Can you add "Munkustrap's POV" in Memory/Grizabella's acceptance, please?

Also add "Macavity's POV" in the "Journey to the Heaviside Layer/ The Ad-Dressing of Cats Final" that he betrayed Bombalurina. Bomba found out that Macavity was so selfish, he only using her to sings his song so that he could go to the Heaviside Layer. Please?
1/6 c13 hooon
Gus was asks Mistofelees to assist him for making lightning effect for him, so Gus can help him to impress Victoria.
1/6 c5 hooon
Because Mistofelees' jealous Tugger for attracts Victoria's attention.
1/6 c9 hooon
You know What? I actually didn’t even notice Munk upset about Misto and Victoria.

I probably would said that Munk is a "Judging Protective Older Brother", since unlike Misto, he didn’t take time to seek out Victoria in personal interest. He's gonna know Misto can be trusted and he's already deemed Victoria not a threat, he knows they're both sweet kids so who's he being protective of? He's also gonna know there's no way Misto would just drag a girl off to fool around ever, never mind be selfish and irresponsible enough to do it at a time like that, and that's the only other reason for him to be annoyed I can figure.

I meant like a typical protective older brother or father that gets huffy when their kid/much younger sibling brings their girlfriend or boyfriend home like, “Are they a good pair? (Name) better not hurt them!” etc. Heck, he could be more protective over Misto than Victoria, since he began Misto’s song in encouragement and knows how sweet he is. He is a full grown cat compared to Victoria, who is a kitten or JUST came out of kitten-hood, as well. Its totally cool if you pair them! But I think the intent was to just be protective in a leadership way.
1/6 c18 hooon
Can you make "Munkustrap's POV" in the next story, please?
1/6 c16 hooon
I feel that after the event, tears were close to spilling down Bombalurina's face when she suddenly bumped into The Rum Tum Tugger and said to hm...

"I didn't realize that going the Heaviside Layer was just for him; Macavity promised me that I could join him. But now I saw the true, I learned that how selfish Macavity was, he only wanting my help to sings his song so that he could go to the Heaviside Layer. It was never about us, just him..."
1/5 c18 Guest
So good, we are almost towards the end.
1/3 c15 PrettyRecklessLaura
Can't wait for more!
1/2 c1 13SuchasBombalurina
Hi, everyone! Author here! I'm so so so sorry I haven't been updating (I've been very busy) but I promise the next chapter or two will be out next week! I love you all, and God bless! <3
1/2 c14 Guest
Please update soon
12/17/2020 c14 26Grandpas Girl Kim326
don't stop here. continue the story until it's finished.
10/17/2020 c14 Guest
Please continue this soon!
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