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for Overlord: Awakening of a friend

7/18 c11 Moral Conundrum
If you have Baudry/Kazarim at level 90, and Evil Eye is only about level 52, your character wouldn't 'even have gotten two of them' in a fight, he'd pulverize the lot of them with one foot.
5/8 c14 kamerony44
good story great political intrigue
5/3 c5 TheBigBrotherWTPD
I was REALLY REALLY hoping for him to just be a normal halfling monk.
But nope, he an aberrant nightmare. In the remake your writing, I would honestly think about just having him be a normal monk halfling type. Not some shape changing nightmare. You'll catch a lot more eye's with how out of left field it is, how in this guild of evil nightmares there's just like, badass Bilbo Baggins
4/23 c19 8UndeadLord22
Your choice, but if you are willing to rewrite, make do so. Because half the time, most writers would just stop from either real-world problems or lack of motivation and made them quit.
12/9/2020 c15 DiFans
No se si esto lo aclaraste antes, pero Albedo no odiaba a los demas Seres Supremos a excepcion de Momonga? Tambien siento la perdida de tu amigo, espero que te recuperes y sigas adelante
12/8/2020 c18 UndeadLord22
Take ya time ya need. Don’t mind us, just take your time
12/8/2020 c18 1Tom2011
Be strong man and take time to get better
10/12/2020 c14 AzureKaiser
I don't think Laykus is someone who would do this. Seems extremely out of character for her even with what has happened.
10/6/2020 c17 1Hetes
This wasn’t bad its actually pretty good
8/24/2020 c17 1s.gnarus
Keep your priorities straight and good luck on the exams!
8/11/2020 c16 Guest
Great chapter
8/5/2020 c8 3Zandaino-Nova-Ari
They look like Brats but that might just be because of the photos
8/5/2020 c11 NoSkill4me
Terry Pratchett!
Ich sehe du bist ein Mann von Kultur.
Finde deine Geschichte Klasse, speziell den Badass-Hobbit halte ich für einen Geniestreich.
Immer weiter so.
8/2/2020 c5 Guest
Love story so far, and while yes you guys make incredibly long words for somethimgs, they are fun to pronounce
7/30/2020 c14 Guest
Not gonna lie, this is a great fanfiction. Entertaining and engaging
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