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9h c4 Mr. ReadMore
Dear Author,
I personally am loving all of this story! I like the way you portray the narrative of Itachi’s pacifist side alongside his less than pacifistic preparedness. So good! I can’t wait to see how the hunch is played out and whether or not Ozai will be as greedy with the butterfly effect having taken place or how their mother’s disappearance will effect them should it still occur. I don’t know what you have planned, but I’m excited to see! Keep up the great work!
Sincerely, Mr. ReadMore
10/22 c4 Koda
Great chapter! How did I miss this update for so long!
10/18 c4 Mistletainn
...I really hope that Ursa stayed around. Even if it means her relationship with Zuko deteriorates when she discovered his deceit. Despite all the lies, Itachi really brought out the best of Ursa. I disliked he canon decision to practically abandon her children. IMO she should have at least bring Zuko with her when she left, it's not like Ozai would care. Sure, Azula deserved to be saved too and not end up becoming such a despicable individual in canon, but there was nothing Ursa can do about her at that point. Here's hoping things would turn out differently with Itachi around (and hopefully for the better).
10/6 c4 Glamroidz
Yay update.
10/3 c4 All For Anime
To continue my suggestion I made weeks ago, maybe you could use the Agni Kai idea as a way for Azula to start hating her father. Seeing her brother being burned by their father could plant the seed of hate and anger in her heart. At that moment, Azula will realize that she loves her brother more than her father. Her idolation and admiration of Ozai will be shattered. She'll never forgive her father for what he did that day to Zuko, even more so if he still decide to banish him (I wouldn't be surprised if she wanted to join him in his banishment). She will no longer seek his approval like in canon, but will now do things for herself and her brother. She knows that he will give his life for her and vice versa, not Ozai. Losing the being that she loves the most is unbearable for her. I personnaly believe it could be a good character progression for her. While she still will have her arrogant nature because of her position and firebending, along with her ruthless nature, she will probably hesitate when about to attack innocent and weak people. She will hesitate to exile or kill someone if she knows that said someone have a family, making her realize that she could take away someone dear and close to other people while she couldn't bear to be separated or lose her own brother. What I mean to say is, she'll have greater emphaty to the pain and fear of others (especially after she saw her beloved brother being burned and forcefully being taken away from her).
Imagine her future reaction when she'll find out that Ozai used her as a bargaining chip in order to blackmail Zuko to lose his Agni Kai. Imagine the whole drama potential that could happen after that.
Zutachi will probably try to seek the Avatar not to restaure his honor (after everything he went through throughout his life, he couldn't give a rat ass about honor) but so he can see Azula again. Each day in exile could be terrible for him knowing that his sister is left vulnerable to the influence and cruelty of Ozai.
But, of course, the decision is yours to make.
9/29 c4 Dfaltu
My eyes are burning and my eyelids are drooping. i feel like if i move more except for scrolling, ima pass out. Still, i'm hooked.
9/29 c4 doritaaa233
i love this chapter 3
pleaseeeeeeeee continueeeeeeeeeeeeeee
9/27 c4 Natyashenka
Tanks for update, great history ️️️️️
9/25 c4 1Aria.RedMika
THANKS YOU FOR THE UPDATE. Splendid chapter as always
9/24 c4 ProDogg
Great chapter and thank you for taking your time and writing it
9/22 c4 yochan123
This is really interesting

I wonder how he will try to stop azula
9/20 c1 JonnyBoboThe1st
This seems pretty interesting! I love Itachi mothering Azula, it’s just so sweet!
9/19 c4 johnsmith7171996
Nice chapter. Also as far as not being able to write about romance based on what I read so far I believe you could do it. Maybe making it an OC will be easier. Story has a lot of potential
9/17 c4 Shen-San
It's like meeting your true love, then losing contact for years only for them to return when you least expect it! Thank you for continuing this, it's one of the best fanfics I've ever read (and I've read a lot).
9/16 c4 1Adamari2001
Dear Author,

I love you and I missed you! So glad you ain't dropping this fic! I certainly look forward to the next chapters, I just hope it won't be 1 per year. But even so, this fic is so good I wouldn't mind the wait.

Thank you for writing.

Sincerely yours, an average reader.
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