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for Beyond the Magic: Full Drive

7/18 c14 Lily T. 88
I started to remember some stuff from the 1st version since last chapter, guess after 13 chapters my memory started to work, well if in the start I had that feeling “I read it somewhere” But now it clicked lol
7/18 c13 Lily T. 88
“U should Be proud” oh Fate ur little pervy
7/18 c11 Lily T. 88
Chrono must like watching Big Brother lol
7/12 c10 Lily T. 88
I was not thinking that Nanoha would tell Hayate, but she did hahaha of course she would not miss the chance to brag about Fate
7/12 c9 Lily T. 88
They are so fun! Impossible not to laugh when Fate tells Nanoha she got floats in her chest lol
“ meet ur new son” hahaha
Vivio got a very nice idea to make their day even more perfect.
7/12 c8 Lily T. 88
Fate-Chan being bold here! Their 1st night was cute and sexy.
And Fate was able to fulfill her shower wish haha
7/12 c7 Lily T. 88
Vivio doesn’t lose time, she is fast to understand the change in her parents relationship.
Those rings will make it hard to the girls to endure lol
7/11 c5 Lily T. 88
Yeah! Now all misunderstanding is gone and they are all crazy to get it going like rabbits lol
7/11 c4 Lily T. 88
Impossible not to laugh when Fate is thinking about the risk of receiving a starlight breaker haha
7/11 c3 Lily T. 88
LOL Signum was fast to kiss Fate haha. I confess that if there was no Nanoha In the series, I would totally ship Signum and Fate.
7/11 c2 Lily T. 88
I love Signum, her interactions with Fate are always good.
Well, Nanoha, who wouldn’t be selfish and wanted Fate all to yourself?!
7/11 c1 Lily T. 88
Nice reading the 1st chapter, I believe it will be good, like the old ones
7/8 c9 MeloryG
Sou tão feliz por alguém ainda manter vivo meu nanofate
7/1 c2 Guest
Thank you for the Nanofate and keeping it alive. Stay safe and hope to see more in the future!
7/1 c1 Darshes
Impressive. Quite interesting if I may say so. Keep writting, you have a follow from me.
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