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8/11 c2 Alwaysdream1
Great chapter.
8/10 c1 Alwaysdream1
Great chapter. Loved it.
8/6 c6 Anon
Wow! Yesterday I left a review and today you updated this. Imagine my excitement.. Hehe.. Thank you for the update. I can't begin to describe how I admire your writing style. Keep going!
8/6 c6 huiarulz
I don't see why Ken was aloud to go see Jessica Lol he's not family and if I was Alison I wouldn't have let him just to get my revenge on the son of a bitch. That evil man does not deserve any kindness.
8/1 c5 Guest
Please update
7/30 c5 Kelliebnz
Keep at it,I’m really enjoying what you’ve put out there so far x
7/30 c5 J
i love this story
7/29 c5 Guest
I loved this story!
7/28 c5 huiarulz
Oh it's on like donkey Kong. I can't wait for emison to take down the dilaurentis'. I can't wait to read what's next. Great work.
7/21 c4 anon
great chapter. can't wait for the update
7/5 c3 brit1721
Omg, I'm going crazy... what a cliff hanger... how long will we have to wait to know what the hell is going on... lol love your writing so much!
7/5 c3 huiarulz
How dare Jason bring Ken there. He should be supporting Alison not going behind her back! The cheek of the bastard. And who the hell does Ken think he is. Homophobic arsehole. Of course they want to see Alison since Levi was born. What about Olivia or Liam? God I hope it's because Jessica is dead and Ken is dying. Jason should fuck off and why didn't aria warm ali or em ? Some family they are.
7/3 c2 sowhatsleft
pleaseee update it soon!
7/2 c2 Kelliebnz
I can see this story becoming a rollercoaster of emotions lol
7/2 c1 brit1721
Ohh no..what in the world could that text be about? Surely Em didnt cheat I dont see it being that what so ever, but wth could it be besides maybe Maya is starting to get in contact with her. Or she started working for her or shes a client buying a house an Em's her realtor... omgosh I'm so excited for this story!
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