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for Legacy of Plagueis

7/14 c2 AnimeGoji91
It remind me of Star Wars The Force Unleashed and please continues this story please!?
7/14 c2 Karsus the Damned
this is seriously fascinating!
7/7 c2 Kyu9930
Is this a simple exorcism (getting rid of the soul) or one of the rituals which allow a dark side force user to consume the disembodied soul? I remember the sith inquisitor in SWTOR being able to bind force ghosts to himself/herself and increase his/her powers. Probably Plagueis could do that ritual first then later pass on the power to Percy once he is older and better trained (ready for his journey through the cosmos)?
7/6 c2 Lycaon1096
great start on the story
7/1 c1 Hadrian.Caeser
Nice start
6/30 c1 Striker
Yea! An evil Percy story. Eye roll
6/29 c1 1davycrockett100
awesome :)

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