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7/2/2020 c1 MarioFan88
Deaths in this story:

Cuddles: Accidentally hanged by a jump rope

Toothy: Crushed by tree

Giggles: Splattered on rock

Sniffles: Impaled by broken lab bottle glass

Ant Family: Stepped on by Saba

Handy: Splattered on tree after flying out of his firetruck

Saba: Decapitated by Fliqpy

# of Dead Characters: 6 (not counting the Ant Family) (Cuddles, Giggles, Toothy, Handy, Sniffles, and Saba)

# of Alive Characters: 4 (Lumpy, Mole, Flaky, and Flippy)

Survival Rate: 40%

I hope you continue making HTF fanfics OFTLOP! :D

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