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6/3 c8 Gha
When i hear the word ballistic I imagine the person it refers to is cartwheeling and then backflipping and then cartwheeling and backflipping at the same time
5/21 c7 Guest
Alix is savage. forget savagenette, savlix is the new one
5/14 c8 Rhiathynn
Oh my gosh, that was such a good story! I don't usually like romance stories, but it sounded kinda interesting so I thought I'd read a chapter or two to satisfy my curiosity, and I ended up binge reading the entire thing! You are an amazing writer, thank you for the spectacular story!
5/11 c8 Reader011118
OH MY GOSH I LOVED ADRIEN’S REVEAL! hahahaha that was literally the best
I’m so happy with how you wrapped up everything in your story! It was such a wild ride and I’m so happy about everything you’ve created! Thank you!
4/23 c8 thekageofthenight
ong I loved this. its about 3 in the morning but I had to finish it in one go!
4/7 c8 3BlueMoonMaples
This is a wonderful story! Your portrayals feel so in-character and I love how you made this a reveal fic as well as a taking-down-hawkmoth fic. Your writing is so smooth and it flows so well! Bravo!
3/29 c3 Guest
Most of this chapter i and it makes me happy
3/18 c8 RandomReader086
That was sooo perfect!
2/18 c1 miraculousthaitea
ive read this so so so many times now and i still keep coming back cuz i loveeee this fanfic it was well done!
2/5 c1 ZuRlEnAj05
Praisee PRAISEE THIS STORY DESERVE SO MUCH PRAISSSEEEE! I love it so much thank u for writing this story
2/2 c8 Marichat lovee
Me encantó por favor actualizala
1/1 c5 8MJNight03
See... I was with you in this great story,,, right until you tried to drag Luka, who has been nothing but kind, and patient, and supportive of Marinette and her infatuation with Adrien, through the mud in your complete and utter misinterpretation of his character.
12/30/2020 c8 20weesh
Wow. This was awesome! So many feels. You made me cry and smile and... everything! Loved it. The petty part of me loved Marinette and Adrien transforming in class and showing everyone who they are and how wrong all the classmates had been. And Lila getting her comeuppance was great! Adrien sneaking out the miraculouses was clever but so heartbreaking because of his dad. Seriously- this had everything and I loved it
12/13/2020 c8 Guest
This is my most favorite story I’ve ever read, I may not know how to Grammar, but I know a good story when I see one. Well done.
12/10/2020 c4 JessiCAT-miraculous
I'm happy that you addressed difficult topics with grace, you made it nice and easy for it to be understood by 14 year olds, which at their age, things like this don't really happen that often publicly. What you did with Kim and Alix was a great way of showing an example of the situation. I really hope that people will take this to heart and go on to do good in the world :)
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