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5/29 c8 12Tearrer
*clap clap* thank you for posting! Great job :)
5/29 c5 Tearrer
Am I awful, being on team Luke's feelingsnhere? Oh well. Obviously stan the Adrienette, but she did lead Luka on...

Also like drugged and assaulted/child abuse... the teacher didn't care? Lol a little odd but I guess it's not the focus of this fic? irl, most teachers are mandatory reporters with that kind of thing.

Anyways, I just need a Chat reveal. :) 3 more chapters to go, what a treattttttt
5/29 c1 Tearrer
It's only chapter one and I'm soooo behind this fic. Hopping aboard the truth train! All the conversations we want to see happen.
2/5 c8 Cat The Fangirl
This has become one of my top three fanfictions that’s I’ve read thus far.
I don’t disagree with how Luka reacted because com'on, someone being THAT passive?! Yeah...
I love that there wasn’t much Kagami salt and it all felt like the characters stayed true to themselves.
Alya’s strained trust of Marinette is valid especially when you consider that they’ve only known each other and been friends for that year.
Nino, as always, is my dude. He’s not perfect because no one truly is perfect.
Adrien and Plagg’s bond, I feel, is highlighted at the beginning of chapter two, and I love that because we had just focused on Mari.
It also highlighted some serious issues that have needed to be addressed and taught; how Adrien, because of his lack of social queues, being emotionally manipulated, but only realizing when Mari points out that that’s what Alya had done for example.
Gabriel not being a total and complete douche was a breath of fresh air, because yeah, he has done lots of bad things, though it wasn’t power for having power, and he realizes that. Granted it took a punch to Adrien leading to Adrien leaving, for him to confess that the power of the Miraculous had become addicting; that no matter how much he wanted to stop, wanted to not hurt people, he found an ‘opportunity’ that gave him hope and sucked him back into the loop.
I don’t blame Mari for breaking down and even as going as far as to momentarily hand over her Miraculous to Adrien because she trusted him and felt like she couldn’t handle it anymore.
I also believe that giving Mari some comfort instead of revealing his identity was valid and a good choice for Adrien. It reminded me of CinemaTherapy’s “Frozen ll” reaction and how Christoph asks “What can I do?”. Recognizing that something was wrong and he needed to try to help fix what was with Anna, what was bothering her.
Another thing that I was happy about was the somewhat Chloe-redemption arc.
I love Alix. She cool.
Kim,... boi. Yeah, that what I have to say about him. -_- He was definitely written in this loyal to his character, but I just. Yeah, I could definitely see that happening in the show.
Now Cailin, with how she taught lessen, reminded me of Mr. Ross from “The Wave”. Both teachers with good intentions, her leaseba weren’t taught within two whole weeks.
Though I am still a bit conflicted with the texting to Kagami ordeal. I mean, sure they weren’t dating but... I’m gonna stop before I go off on a tangent like earlier before I started reading chapter, hours ago.
Anyway, good amount comedy, angst, espianouge [I don’t know how to spell that even after seeing it in here] and romance. Then again I’m a sucker for all four. It felt equally balanced, “as all things should be”. [I think that’s the exact quote, granted missing the beginning part but I hope someone gets that reference

(Now I watched that reaction before watching “Frozen ll” so, at the time I got some spoilers but not too many I didn’t get before. Though I still have yet to watch it. )
12/27/2021 c6 8libros5
“For him to react the way he did makes me feel like I dodged a bullet."

That she did! I feel bad for Luka as it sucks to be rejected but what he said was a red flag. Just because he liked her and she was trying to move on doesn’t mean she has to date him. The fact that he feels like he wasted his time says a lot as well. Basically that if he knew she wouldn’t date him eventually, he wouldn’t have comforted her if she cried in front of him. Kagami should not date him. She deserves better.
11/28/2021 c1 24SkittyBug
Love this!
9/30/2021 c8 Alena Garcia
this is an awesome story although i don’t think luka would have reacted like that.
9/26/2021 c8 5Wiccamage
Wow! For a story which you only had a chapter or two planned, this has been a pretty fantastic journey. Ive loved reading your take on the Lila Rossi blow out and how the duo handles Hawkmoth's true identity.

I hope you will continue and finish with a happy ending.
9/13/2021 c6 Rose the Fox
Plagg is my fücking spirit animal! XD *insert hysterical laughing*
8/30/2021 c1 9Draceline
Cute first chapter. I'm glad Lila didn't get to run rough shod over Marinette for too long. And Nino really is a good guy. Maybe not the most aware of the effects of his words, but few people really are. Its nice that he apologized.

Funny enough, as I was reading the section where Adrien is comforting Marinette after she reveals herself, the radio started playing "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother" by the Hollies. It fit that scene quite well.
8/22/2021 c8 4DixonsAngel75
I totally loved this story! And Lila... uuuuggghhhh she is so evil
7/26/2021 c1 Guest
Oh god ...
7/26/2021 c3 13Honest Beauty
Small detail: adrien is allergic to feathers, he wouldn't have feather pillows. Cant believe I've read this fic three times before noticing that. Love this fic, thanks for sharing it with us!
6/25/2021 c1 Guest
... please just be the safe
6/3/2021 c8 Gha
When i hear the word ballistic I imagine the person it refers to is cartwheeling and then backflipping and then cartwheeling and backflipping at the same time
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