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for Deeds, not Words (SI)

4/8 c29 Ryan
This story is brilliant, but that last chapter was a masterpiece!
1/24 c29 Arvid
Please update it’s so good!
1/23 c29 2Kami No Sekai
1/12 c1 DragonStallion55
1/8 c29 Tata-Fox
Is this story abandoned?
I hope not.
I wish the writer good health and happy 2024.
1/2 c1 Ethloc
Damn, just realized we're coming up to the year anniversary of the last update. Hope everything is going alright on your end. The story isn't as important as you are. I absolutely loved every moment of it so be proud of what was written. I hope there are no regrets with what got accomplished. Hope this gives you some cheer, have a good day. Happy New Year.
12/2/2023 c29 Gizzit
Found this story and read it all over the course of a couple days. Loved it. Sad that last update was January of this year, I so hope this story isn't abandoned.
11/29/2023 c3 10AraelDranoth
Consider the point I raised in the previous review null and voided.

Excellent job with this chapter. I'm really starting to like this fic.
11/29/2023 c2 AraelDranoth
I think that for any sort of upliftment (much as I don't like them) it's important to establish who the SI was before to justify that knowledge. Otherwise, people will complain 'But the average person wouldn't know how to make whiskey'.

Not a criticism per se but something I'd recommend keeping it in mind. Unless stated otherwise, a reader is going to think they were just some average Joe before.

Other than that, I love it. Keen to see where the story goes.
11/28/2023 c1 AraelDranoth
An interesting start. I wonder if you'll maybe do down the line to see how the House would influence the Dance of Dragons and maybe even ASOIAF.
11/21/2023 c29 lameduck987
Good stuff, hope there's more coming. Despite some plot holes and mistakes (just in this chapter alone Rodrick went from being master of law to coin and back again a few times) and ridiculous number errors (60k population under him, come on take off a 0), this is still one of the better GoT fanfics.
Like the MC and the side characters as well, almost shed a tear when master of arms died. The small war was very good as well. So good job, keep it up.
11/20/2023 c24 lameduck987
Amazing battle for sure but another plot hole last chapter you said they didnt send the baratheon kids with his to tarth this chapter you say they did. If you change your mind go back and edit the original keep it consistent dont make plot holes
11/20/2023 c19 lameduck987
Think you missed a yr last chapter. late 59 the deal with the lord paramount for the deal, then next chater you went back to ealy 59 which shouldve been 60 bc it specified deal was a year ago then this chapter you said the master at arms died last yr so should be 61 not 60
11/20/2023 c6 lameduck987
How can a small lord hold 58000 people doesn't seem possible at all at least not in Westeros, all of the North went to war they only had 22k soliders so their whole population was probably only a couple hundred thousand at best. I've seen some estimates say Westeros was only 14mil pop, no way he has 58000, maybe 5800. If he had the former, he should be able to field an army of 10k, ut previously stated he can only summon 6-700 which 5800 would support.
11/19/2023 c29 Blue-Happens
god damn that was fun. it ran with the rule of cool, with valerian steel foundations to keep everything grounded.

the MC isn't completely op, even if they genuinely do have the devil's luck, and there are arcs where active changes and real decisions happen.

if this wanted to be of the quality of an actual, published book, it would likely be 80~90% of the way done, ignoring how the next chapters haven't been released/written. a few additional foreshadowing moments for certain characters, some tightening in the rare slower bits, etc.

little things really. this was a very good read, and mostly unspoiled by power fantasy. a very good read indeed.

good luck to the author for whatever their up to tomorrow
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