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for Deeds, not Words (SI)

1/31 c29 Death in a Pink Boa
Oh so goood
1/29 c6 pattyboy227
You do know that 16 is the age of consent in the UK, right? Seems strange to me that an SI from England doesn't know this. You write as if fucking anyone even a day younger than 18 should be illegal. But I guess it's all fine and dandy for the SI as long as he fucks a 17 year old hot chick but doesn't actually treat her as a wife. Didn't he say earlier that he didn't want to use his wife like cattle?
1/29 c10 snakehulk
you act like the wife is fucking 12, 17 is not that young, its 1 year off from legal age in MODERN times, in the past thats right well up there and way more mature than most modern women are well into their 30s.

stop harping on about the age, it makes me think you are protesting TOO much and might actually have a problem you might need to speak to a psychiatrist about... or a police officer...
1/29 c29 dansfanfic5555
cant wait for more
1/25 c9 M1stymix
I think you made a mistake about the profit percentage negotiation "Thirty five was a good number... he had conceded to quickly... i may have eventually conceded to thirty five"
1/20 c29 Guest
Welcome back! Happy to see some further intrigue!
1/18 c29 8SpartanWolfj6
So, some news is out that the secret to create Roman concrete has been revealed, is it safe to say Aelon will create Roman concrete?
1/17 c29 sincerlyICE
I usually avoid SI stories that are anything before GOT or the Rebellion (mainly as I am reading the books now :D) but THIS...this is worth every nailbiting moment. You crafted a tale that makes reading SO enjoyable. Kudos to you and I look forward to reading more of Aelon's journey.
1/16 c29 LordNimmu
That was risky. Good to see Aelon has the ball to negotiate this. I wouldn't have. I fear the future too much to not panic when making these deals. I have to get better.
1/15 c29 Guest
That settles it then. Your protag is a Gary Stu. The way the universe bent over backwards just to make him look good confirms it
1/15 c11 DarthPrince
So, because he's worried about his morality and damaging 17year old mentally he ignores her unless he needs to fuck, hereby damaging her mentally and himself morally? Genius 5d chess move.
1/13 c29 Guest
Hello, I am enjoying this story immensely. But In the 29th chapter lord arryn is referred to as both master of laws and master of coin. I am under the impression he is meant to be of the coin, and have read it as such, but having it cleared up will be useful for further reading
1/12 c29 boredasf13
hot damn! Aelons interaction with Arryn got me all hot and bothered...
1/11 c29 Loom
Why do everyone act like Aelon is a godlike chessmaster when by all accounts he's pretty average? Why do you insist portraying Aelon as such when he's clearly not? Hella cringe dude
1/11 c29 Sozin's Flame
Love the story can't wait to read more!
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