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for Sweet and Blue

7/16/2020 c2 IM A CIT
I love the friendship between the characters. Can you write a story and include this friendship? Please
7/15/2020 c1 Guest
I honestly think you’re one of the first authors I’ve ever seen make it so sweet sounding without ignoring the more awkward aspects. I feel like a lot of authors who right characters having their first time just right ‘there was some discomfort’ and they move on. You really went all out by having Courtney and Duncan act so realistically about feeling nervous. All the little details like getting protection, the water bottles on the nightstand, ext. were A. Really loved the fic and I can’t wait till you write more fics
7/9/2020 c2 34lunarwhisperer
Oh my God, this is one absolutely fantastic fanfic! The empshasis on details is what really lured me into reading it, and oh my, it was awesome. :)
7/8/2020 c1 IM A CIT
Please I want more of this!
7/1/2020 c1 Guest
This was actually amazing. Please continue.
6/30/2020 c1 Guest
Your writing of everyone is amazing and I’m actually obsessed with this storyline- can’t wait for what you have next

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