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7/3 c1 babzfgm
Ok. You’re a goddess and that not news, but jeez. This was honestly something else. Out of this world.
Absolutely amazing!
But I gotta say, “what just came out of your throat?” Hits differently, but equally as painfully delicious here. <3
Honestly, just, beautiful. Obrigada por tanto. <3
7/2 c1 3AimeeValle1
Wow, Elle.

I have missed your way with words even more than I realized.

What an incredible story. Not only could I feel it. Every word. I could see it. And hear it. You created such an authentic scene that I feel as though I actually watched it on my TV. And what an incredible gift that was.

This just felt so Darvey to me, from the teasing and the banter, to the dancing and kissing, to the waking up in the morning and the love they just can’t get enough of. My favorite part was them talking about the Night he came over and “pinned her to the wall”. God. How fun would that have been to listen to?

Thanks for coming out of hiding for this. I miss you.
7/2 c1 9krystalsteph
Perfection, as always!
Harvey's confession about all the ways he thought about telling her - it just killed me.
I loved it.
7/2 c1 30AlternateShadesofBlue
Nothing brings Darvey back to life like SGR, but nothing could bring it TO LIFE quite like you can. The way you smoothly wrote it all together was just right. You always make me feel all the things. I left you notes in the doc btw.
7/1 c1 Rose4darvey
This was so good! Loved it so much.
7/1 c1 iamdonnaspecter
I love what you did here, your writing is always a delight.
7/1 c1 14PurryCat
This was beyond perfection. Sarah Rafferty gave us a sketch. You've painted a wonderful picture of it, and you spoiled us with details and made an amazing fic out of it. Thanks so much!
7/1 c1 3PrisonBreakFan08
Darvey x poetry: yeah, thank you, SR, for the inspiration and, Suits fanfic writers, for the amazing stories :)
7/1 c1 quietbeautie
7/1 c1 Guest
That was really good! Just perfect!
7/1 c1 9haplesspunk
"Know what? That, exactly a month ago, you knocked on my door and pinned me to the wall with far more determination than you ever had putting your own name on a wall? Yeah, I know."

And just so YOU know, I'm still going ajdkssjfkkskaktksldks over this line.

It's better than anything I could have imagined for their date, it's all so sweet and soft and I LOVE the addition of other things Sarah said in that video and things we heard over the years. Ugh I wanna live in this fic forever. This is perfect, you're perfect.
7/1 c1 RafCL83
Well it's beautiful... It resonates deeply in Harvey and her. It concurs so well with what they have... I wouldn't be surprised if a tear were to fall off Harvey's eye when she reads it to him... Because that's HOW he loves her, and what he could have told her when she asked "love me how"... But now she understands there was no way to explain how, if one was not Neruda himself!
7/1 c1 18Lifeislikethis
Oh this is so perfect. I love how you incorporated all the little things into the fic. The poetry is just beautiful, and so suited to Darvey.

I was so excited to see you’d written something again, I’ve missed your amazing talent!
7/1 c1 Ireneff
So good! And beautiful! Loved it!
So glad to see you are back writing again!
7/1 c1 5saci
This was every bit as perfect as I thought it was gonna be. Thank you for coming back from retirement for this one. I’ve missed your writing so much!
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