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for Halo: Atlantic Resolve

7/21 c1 Guest
Hey so I like the premise of the story. It’s good so far and all, just doesn’t match at all with the Halo Universe. Due to a couple of reasons. 90mm Anti-tank would easily kill a brute, hands down, due to the fact that, 90mm is actually the size of the scorpion’s main gun. So the brute should hav been dead easily.
Also in Halo CE you can look this up but I’m pretty sure the AR was chambered in 5.56 and it could take down grunts Jackals, no problem. Then I think in the latter games it went up to 7.62 FMJ, which easily cut through the jackals and grunts, and elites could be killed as well, brutes not so bad ether. I’m truth the UNSC actually wasn’t that far ahead in ground combat you could say they are behind us even. I’m just trying to say if you continue this story make sure it matches with the lore.
7/5 c1 Broman
Ahhhhh. It's good to see your work again, as I'm depressed by the lemon infestation currently spreading through Halos fanfiction.

You know, you don't nessecessarily have to make this a one shot. You could make this a story where the single covenant ship is eventually destroyed and it's remains studies by the Remains of humanity, leading to an AH.

Or not. Loved the story man. Looking forward to the next one, and welcome back.
7/4 c1 Guest
What a lovely one-shot! I love the modern military take on it and how it’s not stationed in the US, makes it more interesting and how their exploring the possible advantages against the covenant troops, like the plasma grenades and stuff. I love the whole idea in general, now we just need the friendly neighborhood Elites to come in and say hello lol. Anyway lovely story!
7/1 c1 Cooldude101011
Covenant separtatists to the rescue? (Elites/Sangheili)
6/30 c1 10Just a Crazy-Man
6/30 c1 exaelalan
Los brutes deben ser realmente tontos si no lo han reportado ninguna anormalidad a suma caridad, oh comenzado un bombardeo orbital.

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