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7/2 c1 5God-of-Machines
I like the story, you have good style and your calligraphy is quite good. Usually connecting these dots and making the story interesting is difficult for writers of 6k or more chapters but judging from your previous project I would say it's no problem, congratulations.

There is something that strikes me quite a bit. In the predecessor story and in this Marinette he obtained guidance from a mentor to control the powers of his Miraculous and polish the combat skills, which I think is consistent considering the sequence of events, there I see no problem.

However, since the events seem to coincide, then Nathaniel will also obtain the powers of the fox. Where I want to go is that, previously, the fox boy only got a kind of guide practically at the end, which is not good considering that he will face danger before his tutoring, but the way he obtained the learning was ... strange.

It's like I pointed out once, I think it would be ... less confusing if your "mentor" was some kind of spirit or something, preferably one of someone who was also the hero or villain of the fox in the past, no matter if is alive or died a long time ago. Let's say the Miraculous somehow kept a spiritual copy of its previous owner. So this ... spirit, being in the Miraculous of the fox can only be noticed by the current owner of the user.

I think it would be appropriate for the fox holder resin training at the same time as its companion, just to balance things in order to good dynamics.
I have no problem against girls and others ... but for what you love the most, don't make her transform back into the girl who was the previous Miraculous wielder, it's like I said, it may be weird, I know the powers of the Fox are lazy in their explanation but at least I would like you to take it into account, thank you very much.
7/2 c1 katrinaisabelafclaro0120
Thanks so much for the update and rewrite
7/1 c1 Hulk Davidson1010
Will Peacock Hero Marinette (I asume her hero name is still "Paonne") will have the same powers in "Rise of Paonne and Renard Rouge" or will she have the same powers in the canon show?
6/30 c1 79KaliAnn
I enjoyed this chapter very much and its very obvious about who Iris really is. I do like the names for the temp heroes
6/30 c1 2WikiSorcerer
I wait a few chapters and maybe I'll make a TV Tropes page for this. :D

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