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9/14 c5 Guest
I'm enjoying your story and looking forward to more of it. But what about Garak? Surely Julian's loss had an impact on him.
8/31 c5 Terri Spencer
I hope this story ha ass sequel. Glad to see you writing DS9 again.
8/11 c4 Haz1984
Loving the story. Can't wait for more. I always re-read your stories and i am really happy that you have a new one up.
7/17 c1 Guest
Very happy to see another of your stories available. Excellent work so far
7/1 c4 31lightning bird
Ah! Classic Julian Bashir up to his elegant eyebrows in a dilemma. I can't see how they're going to get out of this one, but I sure as hell and looking forward to more!

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