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1/24 c32 Guest
Oh, please, can a truck just run over Fugaku already? Pleeeeeaaaaasssseeeeee!
1/24 c32 cathyscloud9
Sad face
1/24 c32 sgirlsgirl
I'm kinda disappointed in Hinata's reaction. This whole journey so far of being with Sasuke has shown her finally being confident and standing up for herself. She stood up against Naruto, against Sakura (during their project time), against his siblings, etc. You kinda expect to grow from that but it has kinda just went downhill. These past few chapters, she's gone backwards and she isn't doing anything about it (until the semi-outburst in this chapter). And honestly, Sasuke has literally been great so far. His development just keeps improving, which I love. (Just a character analysis; your writing itself, like always, is simply amazing. Can't wait for your new book!) :)
1/24 c32 Peita Mae Jovero
Yup, its an extreme reaction. And mothers who can't stand up to their husbands especially when their children is being humiliated just to maintain a happy family facade are no different from the father.
And Hinata... Such a sad excuse, letting things get wprse because she wants to avoid bursting bubbles.
I feel sad for Sasuke. He never had anyone, just his brother.

Btw, I really like the drama but it would be nice to see Sasuke, from the next few chapters, starts to refocus on himself, leave his family and Hinata.
1/23 c32 Guest
1/23 c32 3NikaTora
ugh, Fugaku is a conspiring little bitch. why are the other adults even letting him say and do what he is doing? it's like they seem so useless and scared against Fugaku, its annoying to watch.
1/23 c32 jeyelsee
All that has happened wasn't even their fault. I hope Hiashi changes his mind soon. I don't even give a damn about what Fugaku thinks. Also, I hope this would make Hinata braver to stand up for herself. She should've shoved it in Sakura's face that she was seducing Naruto when they were still in a relationship, in front of everyone.
1/23 c32 jeyelsee
I really need Naruto dumping Sakura in front of everyone. She's insane, obsessed, and fake. I hope he makes an action soon. And she also needs to pay for all she's done to Hinata, especially its her who started all the false rumors.

Sasuke really needs to remove Fugaku out of his life. Sometimes it really isn't worth all the negativity and toxicity just because someone is family. I hope he puts his father into place.

I understand Hiashi's frustration as a protective father, even if he was in favor of Sasuke. So I truly hope he changes his mind when all things are fixed and is calmer. Also, as a lawyer and a very powerful man, I hope he makes true of his promise to bring hell to whoever is behind those pictures and everyone who's bullying Hinata.

My SasuHina, please get back together soon. It can't end like this. People need to see how they become better persons by having each other. They deserve all the happiness in the world.

Great chapter, author-san.
1/23 c1 pinkydoodledoo
Thanks for making Sasuke finally go to the principal. Argh about time those bullies learn that it should never be tolerated, they need to be punished! Though sad of the fathers’ decision, trying to break up the lovebirds is not a solution though. So pumped up with what the school will do with those bullieshopefully it’s severe like not giving school recommendations to college hahahaha because how amiright? So better use your brain before acting out jeeez! And the ending for sasuhina.. can’t wait!
1/23 c32 LB Cat
So So sad. Don't know to be mad at Sakura and the other students. Good call. Thanks for the update and be safe.
1/23 c32 7Undercoverbarbie
well that escalated quickly, I doubt they can keep these kids apart
1/23 c32 Bexbluedragon76
Forgot to add was disappointed in Hinata I expected her to confront Sakura for cheating with Naruto. She may not have been with him had these 2 not ruined things She didn't have that big moment I thought she would and instead of fighting back she ran off and only spoke up when she realized she was being a coward the entire time as others stood up for her. No matter how scary it was she had Sasuke and
1/23 c32 Guest
They have enough evidence to kick Sakura out of school for bullying. She should be expel. And why haven't Hinata mentioned that she and Naruto broke off was thanks to Sakura cheating with Naruto? If Sakura is going to blame her in public, Hinata should have responded with the truth to better defend her relationship with Sasuke, instead of standing there like an airhead and not fighting back against Sakura.
1/23 c32 Guest
I would like to see Sasuke cut off Fugaku from being his father. What a prick and a-hole Fugaku is and he even tries to do everything to ruin Sasuke's life and put him down. Sasuke is better off not having him as a father at all. I hope Sasuke shiw he doesn't need Fugaku and cut that prick off from his life for good.
1/23 c32 Guest
I am just gonna say this Sasuke's and Hinata's relationship is extremely toxic. Like they started as friends with benefits and after Hinata tried really hard they became boyfriend and girlfriend, literally everything is against them and they don't really seem to try to make things better.
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