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1/23 c32 Guest
This story has a lot of potential until u add a lot of cringe dramas..
1/22 c32 2Bloodred 321
I hate Fugaku so much. Poor Hinata hope her father comes to his senses soon.
1/22 c32 pinkydoodledoo
Aaaahhhh young love... hahahaha. Can’t wait for the next update
1/18 c31 HinataUchiha
I really love this story
1/17 c31 DAngel7
I’m sure it’s Sakura’s doing! How can a person be so bad and do something like that to hurt another?! Hope Sasuke and Naruto set her straight!
1/16 c31 vogue.provins
I love the driving part. Reminded me of my hubby... still trying to help me get my license. This was cute.
1/16 c31 pinkydoodledoo
I just don’t get it as to why they won’t report this kind of thing. Very unacceptable, nobody should tolerate bullying shit. They need to be punished or they’ll never change...
1/16 c31 cathyscloud9
Arghh I was worried something like this would happen. Glad it was a fake but it still is bad. Poor Hinata
1/16 c31 Bloodred 321
Omg poor Hinata I know Sakura is behind everything and I hope Hinata slaps the crap out of her when she sees her. I think the best thing Fugaku can do to show his approval of them is to sue sakura and her family for everything they have.
1/16 c31 Bexbluedragon76
Great chapter. The bullying has gone too far and needs to be reported now. This screams Sakura and if Hinata keeps hiding it won't get better. Please I hope your next chapter addresses this.
1/16 c31 LB Cat
This is a sad situation. Good read. Thanks and stay safe.
1/15 c31 sgirlsgirl
Amazing chapter like always! I love how being in a relationship with Sasuke has brought out Hinata's confidence, which I think is great. It's sad that the bullying never usually stops, but I can't wait for Hinata to embrace the confidence and stands up for herself. It's great when others stand up for you, but more satisfying and relieving when you do it for yourself. :) Also, can't wait for your other story! Super excited for post-war and how Sasuke and Hinata will dominate that together (I can't wait to see the canon characters' reactions in that story).
1/15 c31 30LaCrazyWriter
I hope Hinata Slaps a bitch
1/15 c31 jeyelsee
Sasuke's sarcastic remarks during their driving lesson was so hilarious! I was literally laughing my. heart out! That was so great!
But that last part though... Poor Hina! Those jealous crazy bitches needed to be taught of the consequences of their actions! Whatever they do, they won't have Sasuke for themselves, nor Hinata. So, suck it up, people.
1/15 c31 indrakshibhandar
Oh poor Hinata how can you be so cruel author San
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