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for Love Live: Medieval AU One-shots

7/19 c7 birbintheocean
kotoumi kotoumi kOtOUMI! we need more kotoumi!
7/19 c7 NozoEliFangirl
NozoEli 2 next please.
7/13 c2 MinamiChun
more kotoumi pleasee!
7/10 c1 Prince Ushio
"Elicchi," The knight stopped hitting the dummy upon hearing her nickname, a name only one person in the world would call her, "the sun is going down. I think it's time for you to head back and take a shower before evening roll call."
7/10 c1 Prince Ushio
Wooden sword made in contact with the dummy and Nozomi swore the hard stick bended at the blunt force. One hit. Two hits. Even though the blonde was already a full-fledged knight, it became a tradition for her to practice now and then to hone her skills and as Eli once quoted, 'to protect my beloved Nozomi'. The hits continued and Nozomi can't help but pity the now battered training dummy.
7/5 c2 Prince Ushio
Please more KotoUmi!
7/1 c2 Guest
How about you see Pretty Rhythm. It's fun
7/3 c3 CyberAkumaTv
I love it!
7/1 c2 CyberAkumaTv
Can't wait for the TsubaHono one.

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