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8/12 c14 Hisoka
8/6 c97 Guest
Nice work please continue
8/6 c47 darkdraco0021
From what the last chapter showed This isn't a harem. It's either a multi pairing or an orgy pairing. Harem are one person with the others ( example: guyxgirls , girlxguys etc. ) but guy x girls x girls isn't a harem. I was hoping this was a harem story as when done properly they are usually good. Unfortunately about 70% of the "harem" fanfics do the other pairing instead. Oh well. Your story your choice. I'll just skip over any relationship stuff and just focus on the fights and plot. That part is too stop reading.
8/6 c97 i.amdizzy2
Great story , only flaw is the chapters being to short…but ig Tht doesn’t matter once the stories complete.
8/4 c97 Whatif-inator
I don’t know where to begin with this story.

First, the pacing is really slow. Like you could summarize Phase 1 in at least 20 chapters. Although that could be because the chapters are shorter, but with the current pacing, It’ll take another 80 chapters just to finish Phase 2.

Second, I know you made Naruto even more OP and I myself have a guilty pleasure of reading OP Naruto fanfics but there must come a time where Naruto is actually challenged. Naruto without the upgrades you gave him is still powerful enough to overpower most of the MCU where the only ones capable of matching him are Thor, Scarlet Witch(if you watch Multiverse of Madness, she’s more than enough to defeat anyone in the Narutoverse) Captain Marvel(she might be capable of beating a teen Sage of Six Paths Mode Naruto but would still lose to an Adult Prime Naruto), Ikaris(same with Captain Marvel), and Thanos. The point is Naruto needs to struggle so that fights will be interesting. I get that the future fights will make him struggle but with the story’s pacing, it will just be an OP Naruto defeating everyone with no effort. We have to wait until this story gets to the juicy parts before Naruto actually struggles in his fights. I don’t mind Naruto having OP moments but it also needs to be balanced with struggle to engage the readers.

Third, Like one comment says, all good stories are ruined by Harems. Harems for the most part are terribly done and are mostly done to satisfy one’s own sexual desire. Harems also make characters act extremely out of character. I get the story has potential but for me, Harems just ruined it.
8/2 c97 Guest
Part 98 please
7/30 c10 Xenokiller419
Some should make a fanfiction where the goddess of luck goes down to the mortal world aka the elemental nations and becomes a child to fallow naruto on his journey and try to win his heart
7/30 c97 Guest
Love it more please
7/27 c39 Guest
Ross IS a bad guy in Marvel. Hollywood is just too sweet and sugar-coated to get into the nitty gritty of comics. Look at Infinity War, they tried to paint Thanos as a 'respectable' villain, when the TRUE reason behind Infinity War made Thanos look as pathetic and retarded as Obito Uchiha.

Maybe that's why I ended up focusing more on DC, at least Darkseid is a LEGIT EVIL BASTARD, he'd wipe out the universe for fun, Thanos did it to cockblock Deadpool of all people. On that note, I will give MCU props for ignoring the whole 'killing the universe to see my girlfriend' thing. But seriously, MCU sugarcoats everything. No big, DCEU does the same thing, but yeah, Ross is a LEGITIMATE ass hat. He's not Amanda Waller or Sam Lane level of TOO patriotic, he's a serious nutjob like Red Skull.

Also, in WHICH universe did Jessica Jones have a boyfriend that died? All I know of her ever being with is Luke Cage and Kilgrave, and having a crush on Spidey when they were young. In 1610 she's a nobody, and every other universe, she pretty much dies at the beginning, so I'm confused on the dead boyfriend part.
7/27 c97 jonathan
disculpa algunis de ustedes sabe cuando saldra un capitulo.
ya lleva demasiado tiempo que se haya bajado un capitulo a caso algo le ocurrio al autor.
no se ha reportado o ha dicho algo, si lo ha dicho alguien escucho de el, al menos hubiera dicho algo como que todavia estoy vivo y cosas asi
de todos modos eh seguido esta hace mucho y me gusta seria una pena que a estas alturas la historia terminara asi y termine estas historia como la otra no dire nombres ya que no solamente es una de esas hostorias que no terminan y fueron muy buenas historias.
7/24 c1 Hero100100
Knowing now that Wanda and Pietro were born in the year 1989, we can infer that Wanda is 33 or 34 years old in WandaVision. This would mean that Wanda and her brother are around 26 when they first appear in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Of course, we need to consider the Blip in these calculations. Since Wanda was unfortunately one of the characters who disappeared after Thanos' snap, essentially gone from existence for five years, then biologically Wanda is still around 29 years old, the age she was in Avengers: Infinity War.

So this makes me wonder if you will and Wanda to the harem considering what happened in Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness considering that can be fixed if he is in the harem
7/23 c46 BladeBlight
Harems ruin all good fanfiction. Go tired of it. Chow.
7/23 c97 Guest
contibue story
7/22 c1 Yeasir
One of the best fanfics I’ve read love it
7/19 c36 Rereader
I love how much of a bro Tony is in this fic.
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