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11/29 c43 ArashiNokitsune
I've read many Naruto fanfics that tried to put a realistic spin on the background of his childhood from fanfics that's chocked up to Naruto suppressing the worst of his experiences to Naruto simply in some way have hidden much of his damaged self behind a myriad of masks hence the personality that he has or something of the sort, honestly the fact that canon brings up the notion that he was basically ignored for the most part could either mean that there was someone always watching over him or people are afraid of the outcome in which Naruto starts fighting back or worst case scenario unknowingly lashing out with demonic power or probably an unsaid threat that should Naruto be extremely harmed in any matter the punishment would be death regardless of age I mean he technically is a military asset. Considering that in Canon he faced his own Darkness and that in itself leaves an unsaid Myriad of things that he probably repressed especially his anger regardless of the fact that this little review is probably redundant I'm really sure Naruto's personality could have developed negatively either way due to the childhood that he had it's probably just luck more than anything else that his personality ended up the way it is in Canon. Heck if it really is true that there is something messed up about Naruto's Canon self then the guy probably has been holding himself together pretty well... however he's coping with it anyway
11/21 c97 suryamgangwal63
any news on the next update?
11/20 c56 Major points

Don’t get me wrong.
In some ways, you can be an excellent writer.
You just happened to ruin it by making the situation involving Nar and his ladies just plain... yuck.
11/20 c52 More fun
A word:
Record the ceremony.
Then, broadcast it, making it seem like it’s live.
Hellyweird does it all of the time...
11/20 c43 I prefer
Thayerblue1’s approach.
I know. Your choice.
But, the clones ARE essentially him. Parts of him.
11/20 c39 You want
To push the envelope of oppression of people.
Focus on the Clintons. The Pelosis.
The Schumer’s. The Biden’s.
The Obama’s
Focus on the World Economic Forum.
Then, start talking about all the people who take advantage of other humans.
We all make mistakes.
And we all need Salvation.
Then, there are those who so reprobate, that they will never accept.
11/20 c38 You make
It so hard to decide whether to like or dislike your stuff.
11/20 c36 Big nope
To females with multiple males.
It’s more logical for them to produce as many children as possible, and for the children to take up the mantle of restoration.
It’s fundamentally absurd for a woman to take multiple partners/ spouses.
It’s better for a man to only take one wife as well.
But, if a man has multiple wives, then he should honor and love each of them.
Although, historically, it’s never actually worked...
As for a story, like this, much rather see Nar x multiple lovely ladies. Especially Hinata...
11/19 c19 I would say
Use the idea from
A Devil’s return Home
by Kyuubireborn20k.
All of those close to Nar go with him, sans their kids and grandkids.
His wives, Hinata, Shizuka, Shion, Koyuki Kazahana, Samuel (my addition).
And his friends and precious people
11/19 c19 That bit
He’s making us get his groceries! Part
I bust out laughing just thinking about it.
11/19 c12 Elon the Musk
Lookie there.
Speaking of,
You see what he has been doing to Twitter?
Good on him...
11/19 c6 Definite
He’s much older.
Loved his wives (including Hinata) and children.
Outlived them.
Promised to continue enjoying life.
And, bam!
Start to this story.
11/19 c97 zombiehunter1982
hopefully you write more.
11/18 c97 midnightscar17
Lol old nick lol
11/18 c97 Guest
Can you please make the next part now ️️️
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