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for Naruto: The Avengers

4/27 c9 3Alis-zero
EhEhEeHeHeE! O'w'O Great story so far!
4/27 c8 Alis-zero
EhEhEeHeHeE! O'w'O ...
4/27 c7 Alis-zero
EhEhEeHeHeE! O'w'O I'm gonna be honest, I have no idea what a Deus ex machine is. O,w,O. Lol. Other than I just want to say that this is a really good story.
4/27 c1 Guest
masterpiece. this is a divine fanfic.
4/24 c69 3doraemax
Damn... Kyle Reese himself. And I hope Pretty Face didn't turn evil.
4/22 c97 mrgodslayer101
PLz make more
4/18 c97 erozoth
That last part is kind of weird, seems too much to add into the story or are they just God and Lucifer like Odin and Thor are gods in your story?
Marvel has Lucifer, his powers, abilities and the TV show don't seem to mix well.
4/12 c97 2DoricWolf
I absolutely love that you're tying in the MCU Black Widow backstory! I'm hoping that Yelena will be an active member of the story once she is brought about so she and Natasha can have an actual sibling relationship.
4/12 c38 DanMarc316
The funeral reminds me of the mission where Naruto played "Try not to laugh” challenge
4/1 c97 Djflemse
I really want to ask, if we are going to see more DC comics characters or if it's just the Lucifer family?
Other than that, this was a great chapter and I hope to read more soon.
4/1 c97 Regmi Nishan
I love it
3/31 c20 luisthewraith
Pepperoni... touche my friend touche
3/30 c1 RayTurnatus
Hey! i just wanted to know if you were ever gonna update the AO3 version of this fic?
3/29 c97 Guest
Lol great storyline looking forward to next chapters
3/28 c97 A guest
Can you pair naruto with helen cho?
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