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for Naruto: The Avengers

3/28 c97 A guest
Can you pair naruto with helen cho?
3/28 c12 Guest
RIP Kobe
3/27 c97 PsWilson
keep going, loving it
3/27 c97 mohit707thakur
Another awesome chapter and the lucifer omake was amazing, loved it, almost to a 100 chapters, all the best
3/25 c97 FoxSage999
I am very much enjoying these chapters, can't wait for the next ones!
3/25 c75 jimmy.oz
curious if naruto will be able to help loki from the mind control or if he is just going to let him be. the chitauri army isn't much against hum though especially if he went even half way out. he'll clones alone would do a lot. I originally planned on stopping on chapter 50 to wait for more chapters but couldn't help bit read more.
3/25 c96 Axagon99d
Thanks for the chapter
3/25 c97 Axagon99d
Finally a chapter thanks
3/24 c51 jimmy.oz
tony is definitely sleeping on the couch after that announcement lol. keep up the good work.
3/23 c96 subham69
adding lucifer only introduce more complexity too this already awesome fuckd up fic , there are more than enough storylines and character in marvel ,there is no need to introduce more characters from other shows or dc. I suggest you can try daredevil or king pin storyline . also jessica jones plot.
3/23 c97 subham69
it is good to read about lucifer on one shot omake but there is no need to introduce it in main story , is there will be more girls in naruto harem?
3/23 c97 7zakan
Nicky! jajajajajajaaj perfect! jajajajajajajajaja
3/23 c97 ramirisa1
Damn that lucifer tie-in was absolutely beautiful! It would be awesome if you could make it more than just a simple cameo or one time omake!
3/23 c47 jimmy.oz
wonder if Scarlett witch will join the harem and if she does try her powers on naruto what will happen when the times. only made me think of that since she was originally an enemy because of stark and will still most likely be one. also curious what will keep happening between the ancient one and naruto. keep up the good work.
3/23 c97 guest 1000000
So I have a few questions about Eve will she and Naruto meet and will or can their be romance between Naruto and Eve I think its a good idea
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